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Farm Town with Trees

Farm Town for the Fairies

Several years ago, I was introduced to Facebook’s Farm Town. “Silly past-time”, I thought. As a joke, I planted some beans and sent someone a goat.  Someone sent me a … Read More »

Fairy Windchime Final

Fairy Windchimes

We had a bit of a windstorm the other day, but the Fairies living in the Fairy Cottage were completely unaware. I think they need a wind-chime. Of course, this … Read More »

Fairy Garden Home Final

Home Sweet Garden Home

Once upon a time, two little fairies flew across the countryside, looking for a place to live.   They had never lived in a home, but thought it was about … Read More »

Fairy Garden Potting

Fairy Gardening

I am a benevolent landlord. My lessees have free electricity, free WiFi and free rent. Very benevolent. Of course, I really have no choice. I rent to Fairies. While I … Read More »