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Martha Stewart Show Martha Smiles

Martha Stewart Show. I have more pictures so I must have more to say

On the first of many early mornings, Luci had no idea what was going on, where she was going or who she would see.  It appears as though she really … Read More »

Martha Stewart Sign

Dear Martha: Thank you….I have some small suggestions

Dear Martha: Thank you for inviting us to be in the audience of your show. We had a ball. I do, however, have some small suggestions.  Just in case you … Read More »

Martha Called Luci

Martha called…

What? What’s that you say?  Martha called?  Do you mean Martha Stewart? (uncanny how I am able to exactly determine what is in your mind when you are reading this. … Read More »

Flower Cookies - 3D

Recipe: Flower Cookies

Dear Martha: Ever since your July issue, I have been dreaming of your pinwheel cookies. I had visions of dozens of cookies all decorated by willing hands with red, white … Read More »

Dear Martha – Page 2 Redux

Dear Martha: The last time I wrote, I was a bit hung up on the fact that you featured spring type weather while I was still buried in snow.   … Read More »

Dear Martha – Page 2

Dear Martha: Today’s the day!! I decided to start going through my Martha Stewart Living magazines today.  Um…I only got to Page 2. This is, apparently, the view you have … Read More »

Dear Martha

Dear Martha: Where do I begin? I love you.   Rather….I love the idea of you.  I love your cookbooks, your crafts, your TV series, your radio series, your appearances on the … Read More »