Fossil Day – Recipe – Dinosaur Eggs

Oh, sure, we could have concocted a recipe for Brontosaurus Burgers, but this recipe is very colorful and really gets the kids get involved.

The eggs are all nestled in the dinosaur nest…the boys are suitably impressed

(I wouldn’t count on these for lunch…the boys were strangely resistant).


– 6 Hard boiled eggs

– Small bowl

– 3 cups cool water

– 1 envelope unsweetened Kool Aid mix (choose bright colors)

– Clear plastic wrap


1) Ask the children to gently tap the hard boiled eggs ( make sure they are not hot) all over until the shells are cracked. Do not take the shells off the eggs.

2) In a small bowl have the kids stir together the water and the Kool Aid mix. (I used three different colors, one color for each of the grand-kids).  Have your child add the cracked eggs to the colored water.

3) Cover the small bowl with plastic wrap. Place it in the refrigerator. Leave the eggs in bowl several hours (we left ours in the refrigerator over night). Remove the eggs and throw away the colored water.

The eggs were really slimy.  That seemed fitting for Dinosaur eggs.  Have the kids carefully peel the shells off the eggs.

You will want to wash the eggs off.  Don’t worry, the Kool-Aid dye will not fade.

And, here are the dear little darling dinosaurs….just waiting to hatch….

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