Recycle Day – "What a Dump"

Our activity for Recycle Day may seem a bit….bizarre, but what an impact it had on the boys.

One of our favorite parts of the day was the visit to the local recycling center.   We called first to check hours and assure that they would not mind a visit.   The man who manages the recycling center also said he would spend a few minutes with the boys talking them through the logistics and importance of recycling….

If you plan to do this activity with kids, be sure to spend some time talking about recycling and point out the labels that help everyone determine if something can be recycled.  Talk about the environment and how each of us can contribute to keeping our planet healthy…

The boys were excited to help Grampy unload the truck.  We made sure they only handled “clean” recycling, but what a bonus to have this great packing material

What luck!!  Our neighbors pulled in with their own recycling and were so happy to get some help unloading.  Seriously, we could have stayed all day.

Mommies and Daddies, take note, we DID have lots of Purell with us…and we used it.

If you are looking for a recycling center near you, or looking for more information on recycling….go to or

If you click below, I have put together everything you need for a Recycle Day, so you can download to your computer and read or print at your own leisure…

Environment Day

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