Marble Day – Game On

Well, when we played marbles in the day (no….really…saying that doesn’t age me at all…) We just drew a circle in the middle of the driveway and aimed for the center.  The occasional ant might be crushed, but that just added to the excitement (let me be clear, we did NOT aim for the ants….really)

When we had Marble Day at Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy, I found an official marble mat for the boys.  I felt a little silly for buying it (I’ll include buying information, though, just in case you want one), but am I glad we had it.  Turned out Marble Day was very, very rainy.  Not so good for chalk and driveways…

Charlie and Ben are playing Friendlies…not Keepsies!! (at Camp, we strive for harmony).  Look at Ben’s perfect form (I mean, it looks just like the picture on the mat)…Why, yes, I am VERY objective..

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