Marble Day

Or….How I lost my marbles…..

I had NO IDEA that this would be such a popular day.  I am introducing the Day plan first, but I must say that I could have put together an entire week on marbles.  In fact, as time goes on I will be introducing many variations of this theme.   What started as a great theme for the older boys (R.J., Charlie and Ben were eight years old when we first had their marble day) ended up being popular with all the groups of kids.  In fact, we reprised the marble maze for Thanksgiving (30 people all competing to make the best marble maze)  Again, content for another day….

Once I have everything posted, I’ll also have a lovely .pdf document that you can download and print with all the information you will need for a great Marble Day.

So, if you’ve lost your marbles….well, you’d best find them.

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