13 Almonds in a Bag

The oddest things appeal to the grand-kids.

I wanted to be sure almonds were in my <don’t laugh> diet.  And so, I worked out that 13 almonds equals 2 weight watchers points.  That seemed reasonable, and so I started carrying snack bags with exactly 13 almonds (oh, how I love those snack bags).

Luci (Grandchild number 6) was curious about my snack.   I told her and then asked if she would like “13 Almonds in a Bag”.    She did.    In fact, all of the grand-kids wanted some….so now I regularly keep them around.

Now, in the meantime, I found these nifty swifty tins (available from the Almond Board) and bought a bunch of them (I like to conserve my snack bags).

And look what I discovered, nestled in each of the tins?

Well YOU do the math.  13 almonds in a bag is two weight watchers points.  23 almonds in a bag is FOUR weight watchers points.  THAT is the difference between 1 Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwich and NONE.  

I still carry 13 Almonds in a Bag

And…they continue to be a huge hit.   It still cracks me up to hear, “Grandmama, can I have 13 Almonds in a Bag, please?”.   (NEVER shortened to “Can I have some almonds, please?”)

Marketing my friends, all marketing

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