Recycle Day – 1st Airborne Recycling Division

As I was organizing Recycling Day, I wanted to find a way to use some of the hundreds of plastic bags I had stuffed into the sock like thing hanging in my pantry..

and thus was born…..the 1st Airborne Recycling Division.

In my research I found a number of instructions for making these.  But most involved protractors, rulers…the ability to make an octagon…..Seriously?  I just wanted the kids to have fun and use up some bags.

Finally, I found the perfect set of instructions

You’re welcome.

For this, you don’t need many supplies, (but if you’re lucky, the kids will want to make an entire division and use up TONS of plastic bags….)

First, straighten out the (clean) plastic bag, and make sure there are no holes (other than the obvious holes for the handles)

Now you need to enlarge the handles of your plastic shopping bag.  I don’t know much (meaning anything) about aerodynamics, but I suspect you need to make the handles bigger so more air can fill the chute?  

At any rate, the handles should be half the length of the total bag.

Fold two pipe cleaners in half and loop each around a handle of the bag.

Twist the ends of the pipe cleaners around the shoulders of a plastic action figure or the other toy you are planning to parachute.

That’s it.

Now fold the bag in half, grab the parachute at the fold and throw it into the sky.

Charlie, Ben and R.J. are ready to launch.

To make this more fun, make a target and see who can come closest.

If you click below, I have put together everything you need for Recycling Day, so you can download to your computer and read or print at your own leisure…

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