Things left behind

We just love company, but after a visit, things get left behind (no children have been left behind…yet)

(… a sample of this month’s remains)

We tried to send things back to their rightful owners, we really did, but that was just not manageable.

Then we tried putting everything in one pile and asking people to look through the pile to see if anything was theirs….not very effective, although I’ve heard tales  of people claiming things that didn’t…necessarily…belong to them…(I’m sure they are just stories)

We finally hit on a system that seems (almost) fool-proof.  I bought several bins with pockets in front for labels, identified families that were visiting (I change labels as appropriate) and let the families look in the bins for forgotten treasures.  If I’m not sure where the item belongs, well…I just pick a name and let them work it out..

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