Happy Spring!!

I sat outside (with a light jacket) yesterday for about an hour and actually heard a bird sing.  The sun was shining down on me and everything just smelled heavenly.   Ahhhhhhhh

It’s hard to believe, but just 3 days ago we still had about a foot of snow on the ground….all of the ground.    We had been to visit some of our kids last weekend, who live 2 hours south of us and they had NO SNOW WHATSOEVER.   Thrilling.   Really.  So happy for them…

But…in the three day run up to Spring, we seemed to have accomplished the impossible and now I feel like there is a chance that spring might actually appear….

The chairs Mr. H brought out for us to sit in are deceiving.   We still have some residuals from winter…

There had been a wood-pile under this tarp, stacked almost to the window…  Summer better hurry or we’ll be burning the chairs to stoke the fireplace…

Thin ice.  I especially like the green sage juxtaposed next to the snow (big word, eh?  must be spring…)

I was pretty excited to see this nest, but Mr. H informs me that this is an old nest from last year.   I’m putting the picture in anyway.  I think it’s pretty…and hopeful…and I am NOT even considering that this might be an analogy for my time of life.  I’m not.

Our forsythia has a bit of a challenge if we are to have blooms before Easter.  If the snow doesn’t melt soon, I’ll have to go after it with a hair dryer I guess..


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