Happy April!!

April Showers bring May Flowers!



Generally lovely, harmless and very useful.

There is another side to umbrellas, though, so….I thought it would be a good time to remind us of Umbrella Etiquette:

1.  Even though it’s tempting, and sometimes hard to manage, never unfurl your umbrella indoors (if you want to show someone your pretty, new umbrella — take it outside) [um…pay no attention to the open umbrellas featured above]

2.  The taller person should always raise their umbrella when passing in tight quarters (this is good news, as the grand-kids probably won’t think of this)

3.  Never open your umbrella at sporting events.  (This is a hard one.  If it is raining at the sporting event, you would want to stay dry.  The problem is that you would block everyone else’s view.  So…buy a poncho)

4.  When you are opening your umbrella (particularly one that opens automatically, make sure it is pointing away from other people and that the canopy won’t hit them as it opens.)

5.  It’s hard to believe, but your umbrella is NOT a weapon.  It isn’t a star-wars laser, not a sword, not a ray gun and not even a magic wand.

It can be, however, very magical

Happy April!!

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