Rock the Dock

On the drive home from the airport (After our vacation – 8th Row, Center), Mr. H. was very, very anxious.   You see, I had planned our vacation right smack in the middle of the annual “is the ice gone yet so I can be the first to put in my pier” event.  Imagine the concern…..

Good news.  The ice wasn’t quite gone…. 
and the faint of heart (which would  be anyone who doesn’t like to wander into ice cold water) had not yet even considered putting in their dock.   

Mr. H. is NOT faint of heart.

He IS a man with a plan.

He donned his [very attractive] waders, and became…


Wouldn’t you know it…the sun did shine on his enterprise.   

The dock isn’t completely in, but he has already arranged for the boat and boat lift to arrive on Friday.   

I won’t pack my winter coat away quite yet.  I think it will be a very COLD boat ride…

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  1. Sue Lobsiger | April 8, 2011 at 11:56 am | Reply

    Yeah, summer is here when Mr.H puts the dock in the water!!!

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