Coffee Time?

I don’t drink coffee.

In my defense, it was a rainy day....and I was reading my Martha Stewart Living magazine.

But, I love, love, love the smell of coffee

I recognize that you can't actually SMELL the coffee, but ... you get the drift

and, I use coffee in recipes.

I'll post this recipe next week sometime. It's for the most decadant Chocolate Ganache. I'd post it now, but I'm trying to drop a couple of pounds...and I have no willpower at all. NONE.AT.ALL

When I was fully engaged in composting, I LOVED the grounds (note to self: get back into composting)

Seriously. This is Black Gold. Mr. H. I need a composter!!

But, I don’t drink coffee.

As a result, I don’t make good coffee.  I’m not proud of this, it’s just a fact.

I tried putting egg shells in the fresh grounds.  Evidently, coffee is acidic and egg shells are alkaline.  So…if you put egg shells in coffee…it reduces the acidity.   Unfortunately, that just meant I made bad low acidic coffee (I am very versatile).   I wonder if I was supposed to wash the egg shells first?

Um.. Does it count that I used brown eggs? (and they were organic - whatever that means)

I tried grinding my own beans, but I forgot to screw the top on.  What a mess.

This is not the grinder that made the mess. I leave this in the cupboard for my brother, Jim, who still does grind his beans.

I tried freezing the coffee, but I don’t think coffee is supposed to have ice crystals on it (okay, slight detour here.  Don’t you love the scene in “Mother” when Debbie Reynolds tells her son [Albert Brooks] that the ice on top of the ice cream is a protective layer that keeps the ice cream fresh?)

I had to dig a bit to find this in the freezer. But, hey, I found bacon!! Now I'm excited!

It got so bad that whenever friends would visit they would bring me a new coffee maker.  No good.  They still required my [lack of] coffee making skills. (But, I do have a lot of coffee makers to sell….)

Finally, two years ago a good friend (Jim, you know who you are) bought us a Keurig.     Eureka!!  This WAS the promised land of coffee!!!   EVERY SINGLE PERSON who came to drink coffee was thrilled.  

And the choices, the options, the sheer glory of choosing between Cafe Mocha and Wild Mountain Blueberry.  (No, I am not getting anything for this endorsement)

Maybe I’ll learn to drink coffee.

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  1. Sue Lobsiger | April 14, 2011 at 11:48 am | Reply

    You made coffee?????? Thought it was always Mr H.:):)
    This will be my next coffee maker, John and Lulu just got one for Christmas and they LOVE it!!
    Having my 1st cup of Joe as we speak…..bye bye


    • Jill H | April 14, 2011 at 10:06 pm | Reply

      Well, you are right. Any drinkable coffee was made by Mr. H. I made the stuff we used for grout…..

  2. Cathy Klug | April 14, 2011 at 10:09 pm | Reply

    I’ll trade you my Kahlua’s for any of your dark roast! Not my favorite flavor, and I bought a dozen and a half. I love the machine, though.
    We still make posts of coffee, but the Keurig is great for a quick cup, or for individual tastes throughout the day.

    • Jill H | April 14, 2011 at 10:13 pm | Reply

      OH, don’t you just love that Keurig? I think Kahlua was a big winner around here. Actually, we ended up with a lot of Hot Apple Cider. It’s actually really good, but the kids much preferred hot chocolate, with big ol’ fluffy marshmallows in it!!!

      I admire that you make coffee. I suspect it even tastes good. Me…not so much…..again….

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