Pirate Day

One year, rather than having an individual theme for each day, we decided to have the entire week with the theme of “Pirates”.

All set for Pirate Day. Arrrrrr

Our wonderful son-in-law designed the T-shirts (thank you again, Mark) and we were off!!

Any pirate worth his (or her) salt needs to be able to “talk the talk”.   So, before Camp got rolling, we had a session on Pirate Talk.

I have attached a pdf for you to use for your Pirate Day, but here are a few of the most popular to get you started….

To instantly become “pirate-like,” just add “arrrrrr” at the end of your sentence–it’s the one thing EVERY pirate says.

It isn’t a mistake that there are three ways to say Friend in our Pirate Dictionary…

AHOY:  “Hello”

R.J., Charlie and Ben say "Ahoy". Once you get into the Pirate theme, you will be surprised at how many Pirates there are!!

BRINEY DEEP:  The bottom of the ocean

Ben is heading for the briny deep

R.J. is right behind

Charlie is levitating his way to the water

BUCKO:  “My friend.”

Carson, Luci and Kevin

CAP’N:  Captain of the Ship

As I said....lots of pirates around... (and not one of them Johnnie Depp - very disappointing)

CROW’S NEST:  A small platform near the top of a mast

Kevin - "What, no crows?" (Hes a very funny kid)

LAD:  Young Boy

Carson in his Pirate garb

Kevin is a VERY serious Pirate!

LANDLUBBER:  A non-sailor

In fairness, Cooper does have his Pirate trunks on, but..he was just too young for Camp

LASSIE:  Young Girl

Luci was our only little Lassie that year

MATEY:  Friend

Kevin, Carson and Luci walking the .... Labyrinth. More on that later

ME HEARTY: “My friend.”

Mom and Dad were always a big part of Camp.

POOPDECK:  The highest deck at the back of the ship (and kids just like to say it)

and boy, are they pooped!!

WALK THE PLANK: A dire punishment in which one must walk off a wooden board on the side of a ship and fall into the ocean.

Poor Carson. He had to walk the plank

YO –HO-HO: A very piratical thing to say, whether it actually means anything or not.

Pirate Talk pdf file

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    Great going Jill!

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