The Easter Dinosaur?

Easter Weekend is the first long weekend (of family and friends) of the year at the Lake House.  The snow is gone and we can see the first signs of Spring.

Yep, 5″ of snow a few days before Easter.  It’s hard to look at this without wanting some hot chocolate.   We’ll just use Peeps instead of marshmallows.

Our family converges and we always have a great time.

Either Mike is getting welcomes or they are fighting over the ham…

My goal for these events is to get everything done ahead of time.  I seldom achieve this.

On this particular Easter weekend, I had exactly one large batch of Carrot Soup, one recipe of Sugar Cookie dough, a stack of crepes, five dozen boiled eggs, 500 filled plastic eggs, Crafts and Games for the Grand-kids and Mr. H. (thank goodness for Mr. H).

My intention had been to roll out and bake one batch of sugar cookies and then have another batch of dough for the kids to work with.  Oops. I only had one batch done before everyone arrived.

No worries, Mr. H picked up some pre-made dough from the store, and I figured the kids could work with that dough and I would stealthily make the other cookies out of the home-made variety.

Cooper was very eager to make his Easter Pterodactyl (so much for finding the Easter Cookie Cutters)

Well, maybe there is some pre-made dough that works, but that was NOT our experience.  So we all ended up using the pre-made variety and had a rollicking good time.

Hey, what’s going on here. Sophie’s using the turkey!!

I especially like Luci’s Fairy Wings and Tutu

All the kids got into the act. It’s hard to believe I don’t need stools for all of them…..

Some small adjustments….

Chicks and Flowers and Bunnies (the dinosaurs and turkeys got eaten right away)

We never did ice them.  They were gobbled up right away.

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