The Evening of my Discontent

I had anticipated that I would be home by now. Safely home with Mr. H., my Mac and the ability to type with more than my index fingers on my iPad (although I am getting much faster).

No such luck.

I got to the airport (along with about 3 million other disgruntled travelers) and discovered that virtually every flight that was heading home was cancelled. I say virtually because MY flight was still in place.


I settled in to wait for my flight and, at the appointed time, wandered down to the gate.


My flight was cancelled. (You saw that coming, didn’t you?)

I wasn’t going anywhere tonight.

So…..I called the Marriott (closest to the airport) to get a room.

No rooms at the Inn. “But”…the reservationist said…”you could stay at the Fairmont.”

“Is this still close to the airport?”   (that’s me talking, in case you don’t recognize my voice)

“Oh, yes, very close.”

$60.00 and 45 minutes later, I was deposited at the Fairmont…in FLUSHING. This particular Fairmont, located in an industrial park, bordered the back side of the airport (the side with all the noise) and a parking lot for cranes. NOT Sand Hill Cranes. (you saw that coming too, didn’t you?)

Nope, the motorized, noisy, beep-beep when we back up, type of cranes. And they were all coming home to roost just as I was settling in to my cell…er….room.


 “Well, no. But you can order from a variety of restaurants that deliver.”  (Variety is NOT the spice of life).


“Sort of. Do you know how to use rabbit ears?” (I am kidding here, but the TV quality reminds me of watching “Krakatoa, East of Java” on a projector when I was in Junior High.   Side note: Krakatoa is actually West of Java)


 Yes. And yes, I checked for bed bugs. (I am happy to report that I was alone in my cell…er… room)

So, perhaps not the happy, filled with family and food and joy and children kind of post I have been sharing all week, but just another day in my luxurious life.   

I think I’ll go to bed. 

The good news is that my window opens.  It opens just enough for me to stick my phone through the opening to take this picture (I am guessing they let you open the window a crack in case you need to flag down some help?)
Oh, and that light?   You bet, it shines directly into my shadeless room.
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  1. Amy | April 29, 2011 at 12:00 am | Reply

    Hysterical! When you first said the Fairmont, I was thinking “lap of luxury,” kind of like Shutters on the Beach where you stayed once in Santa Monica and we all came to visit you and Julia took a bath to de-sand herself in your lovely scallop-shaped bathtub. But noooooo, this is a different Fairmont. And you can dream about all the adventures your grandchildren could have clambering all over those non-sand-hill cranes.

    Love you Jill!

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