Butterfly Day – The Butterfly Habitat

It’s a little early for Butterflies.

Pretty soon, though, the Grand-kids will be gathering cocoons in the hopes that butterflies will eventually emerge.  I am often entrusted with the cocoons, with strict instructions on the care and feeding.   (They don’t want me to be bored when they aren’t here. )

At Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy, Butterfly Day is always a big hit.  We can only do this in August as it’s the only time our Butterfly Habitat is open to the public.

Over the next few days, I’ll let you in on the other activities for Butterfly Day, but a highlight is always our visit to the Butterfly Habitat at our Arboretum.

Charlie, R.J. and Ben are ready to brave the terrors of the Butterfly Exhibit. Lucy looked on, unperturbed...

When R.J., Ben and Charlie went to the Butterfly Habitat, several years ago,  I was terrified that they would somehow squish a butterfly. I spent a long time explaining that they should not move quickly, should not make loud noises and they should be careful where they walk. I further explained that if a butterfly landed on them, they needed to stand perfect still until it flew away.

Good job, Grandmama. As we moved forward in line, they were afraid to go in. Oops. Ultimately, we worked it out…

If there was a thought bubble above Charlie's head, it would be "please don't land on me, please don't land on me, please...."

I have no idea what kind of Butterfly this was. In fact, it could have been a moth....but it was one of the few that posed.

It is amazing how close we were able to get to the butterflies.

The kids were getting pretty comfortable at this point. I suspect they were trying to get it to land on their hand. (oh, look at those sweet hands)

Charlie patiently waited for this butterfly to land on him.

Mr. H. and I were sweating bullets at this point of our tour. They keep the habitat very warm and moist. The boys, being lizard-like in their ability to remain cool, spent almost an hour exploring this exhibit.

Ben took turns with R.J. and Charlie, but was just looking on at this point (see...he doesn't sweat either!!)

Fast forward a few years, to Kevin, Luci and Carson’s visit to the Butterfly Exhibit

There is an outside exhibit as well, and lots of things to discover.

Check out Luci's butterfly flip flops. Accessories are so important.. Not that she needs them...

I suppose the butterfly is pretty, but look how cute Carson is!

Poor Luci. We weren't able to bring water in to the Habitat, and she was very, very thirsty!! Grampy was able to make it all better (aren't Grampy's great?)

Carson and Kevin, stalking the ever-elusive butterfly....

Evidently, these plastic sponge thingees will attract butterflies. My next camp (for the little'uns - probably this year) will include making a habitat for butterflies with these sponges (are they sponges?)

All the kids have had their picture taken in this butterfly.

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