Butterfly Day: Butterfly Bubbles

R.J.'s butterfly. Serious business for R.J....

When we did this activity at camp a few years ago, I needed to add food coloring to the bubbles to get colored bubbles.  And that worked just fine.

A veritable rainbow of colors!! (including Neon...a particular favorite)

At this writing, Crayola now sells colored bubbles.  WHAT A MESS!!

Oh, they look innocent enough....

...but you can tell just by looking at it that this will be a mess. In the days when I still could change my the oil in my car, it looked like this!!!

I am embarrassed to say that I bought some for the kids, and for that, I humbly apologize.   Son, Jeff, came up with a good idea, but generally I would say that these are more mess than fun.

Use the food coloring….really

What you need:



Food Coloring


Fold the posterboard in half.

Did I really need to show you how to fold poster board in half? Probably not...but I am nothing if not thorough....(there are other names for it, but let's just say ... I'm thorough)

Draw a half-butterfly on one half.  Make sure the body is aligned on the crease (or you will end up with a broken butterfly – and very confused kids)

Got it? The butterfly body is on the crease....

Cut out the butterfly (if the kids are old enough, have them do the cutting)

The butterfly is ready to be bombarded with beautiful, bouncy bubbles (I love alliteration)

Put around 10 drops of food coloring in each of the bottles of bubbles.  Use a different color for each.   Yellow doesn’t come out particularly well, so I would use Green, Blue, Red and Purple.  The Neon food coloring is fun as well…

Make sure the lid is tight and then shake the bubbles to mix the food coloring.

Now you are ready to “decorate”

Prop the cardboard butterfly so that it is mostly vertical (it can be slanted a little)  DO NOT PROP THIS BUTTERFLY ON THE HOUSE, UNLESS YOU WANT A HOUSE DECORATED WITH COLORFUL CIRCLES!!!

The grass is very forgiving....

Blow bubbles from the different colored bottles on to the cardboard.

Beautiful Bouncy Blue Butterfly Bubbles (I can't help myself)

Let it dry, and voila …. A beautiful butterfly!!

Charlie's beautiful butterfly


Making butterflies just knocked the stuffing out of Ben. He's spent!!

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