A Blank Slate

I bought most of the T-shirts for Camp today.

Yes.  Black.   This is, believe it or not, the kids’ choice.   Not only did they want black shirts, they also suggested pink lettering!!   For the girls, however, we will have pink t-shirts with black lettering.  I am just having a hard time finding the perfect pink (so far, everything I’ve seen is a little gaudy)

It feels good to be a little prepared.  Camp for the big kids (R.J., Charlie and Ben) is in 6 weeks, and for the middle’uns (Kevin, Carson and Luci) in 7 weeks.  The little’uns won’t be until August.  But still,  I really need to be organized.

Right now, though, all I see is a blank slate.

Posted below are the colors and pictures we have had so far….

In 2004, we only had one camp – for the three “big” boys.

Ben, R.J. and Charlie. They were 3 years old at the time.

This Orangish yellow was a great color, as we could easily pick the kids out in a crowd. (not that we had to, Mommies and Daddies.  We kept them close!)

The picture on the shirt was of a Grandma or Grandpa with a child. That seemed just about right. In this picture, we were just about to go to the Deer Park, where the deer come right up to you.  It totally freaked Charlie out. His first encounter with a deer produced a rather shrill “Get Back Dea” (his way of saying deer) …. I hope he’s sleeping better now.

In 2005, still only one camp with the three “older” boys…

Ben, Charlie and R.J. went on a hike in their very bright red (I know, they look a little orange in these pics) shirts.

This time, the picture on the shirt was of a camper roasting marshmallows over a campfire. Yep, that makes sense. Good choice.

In 2006, we had two separate camps.  One camp for the big kids (who were 5 at the time…hardly big) and one for Kevin and Carson.

Good grief, they were really little guys in 2006!! We were just coming off the boat after a post-dinner cruise. The Blue was a good choice. The picture on the shirt was of a little boy flying a kite. While we didn’t actually fly any kites at camp, it was still a reasonable picture for their shirts.

R.J., Charlie and Ben. They were old pros by now. This was their 3rd year at “Camp”, so they really knew the ropes. In this picture, they were just getting ready for the corn maze.

In 2007, we continued with two camps.    One for the big boys, and one for the middle’uns (Luci joined the boys)

Carson, Luci and Kevin (along with Dirty Baby) were all set to go. The Lime Green may have been a bit hard on the eyes, but still a good choice for crowds. Kevin looks like he’s thinking “now what did I get myself into”.  We worried that Luci might not keep up (she’s a year younger), but the boys were great with her and she was certainly able to keep up. My Dad had passed away earlier in the year, so the picture on the shirts is one of his drawings.  He was surely with us that summer..

No, not a third camp this year.   Just some “hitchhikers” the Middle’uns brought to camp. Of COURSE they needed their own shirts.

Charlie, R.J. and Ben at “Robot World”. Hands down, this is the favorite activity of all the campers (well, except Grampy. After 15 visits, it’s possible he’s had enough).

In 2008, expectations were high for both camps.  Think of it, the big kids had been to camp for 5 years at this point!!

Carson, Luci and Kevin.

The boys tend to gravitate to each other in larger groups, but at Camp the three of them are thick as thieves. Um…Luci has no problem asserting herself.  As for the shirts.   Well, we were honored to have the creative input from Mark (Luci’s Dad).   The entire camp (both camps) was Pirate themed, so these shirts were perfect.  Do notice the pink elements on Luci’s shirt.  She certainly did.

In 2009, we had two week long camps.

Getting ready to board the train.  I love Luci’s attitude!! The boys realize this is serious business.   These shirts were orange (almost neon).   The image on the T-shirts was a Sun and Moon with “Open 24 Hours” on it.

Oh, the boys were so proud.

We had gone to a National Park and the boys participated in the Junior Rangers program. They were receiving their official patch from Ranger Dennis in this picture. (I dutifully sewed them on their shirts that night).

2010 was the first year for three separate camps.

In spite of all our planning.   In spite of event filled days, the favorite part of Camp in 2010?   Two frogs the boys found in the garden.   Named Bumps and Beans, they cared for them every day, and then left them for me and Grampy to take care of so that we wouldn’t be so lonely.  I have to say, I wasn’t crazy about the color combinations on the shirts.  The purple was fine, but you couldn’t really see the words.   The picture was of a campfire.

Seriously, I need to redeem myself this year.

We are just ready to load up the car for Camp. Kevin added a Harry Potter type coat to his repertoire.  The stick was (later) safely tucked away.

Sophie and Cooper at their very first Camp. I don’t think we had one tear.   (Well, maybe Grampy had a tear when we had to go to Robot World again).

Lots of camps, and lots of shirts over the years.

I know, it still looks like we had orange twice. Really, though, one of the T-shirts is red. (Wait ’til you see the project I have to use up these shirts…..sweet!)

And now, three camps coming up.  Several days of activities to plan with crafts, recipes, field trips and other kinds of silliness, and yet, all I can think about is WHAT WILL I PUT ON THE SHIRT!!

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Cindy Maechtle | May 8, 2011 at 6:58 am | Reply

    What fun to see every year!! I just love the concept and truly admire your creativeness (and ENERGY)! Love you ALL!

    • Jill H | May 8, 2011 at 7:15 am | Reply

      Well, they are black t-shirts right now…So we’ll see….Love you back and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

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