Spring is here (finally…maybe) and Mr. H. finally lugged our over-wintered geraniums out of storage.

I wasn’t entirely sure they were going to make it.

The poor little things were trying to grow.

While our lovely neighbors over-wintered at their home in Florida (and the rest of us lost all our foliage), my geraniums enjoyed the hospitality of their basement.  The conditions (for a geranium) were perfect, and we brought them out into the light a couple of weeks ago.    When you over-winter, the first thing you have to do (after you bring them out into the warm sun) is get rid of the dead, unused and unusable foliage.

See? Nice and clean. With all of the dead stuff cut away, my poor little geraniums can enjoy the warm sun.

Finally, we have had warm weather. No more frosty nights (keep your fingers crossed) and my geraniums are starting to come to life with some new growth.

Oh, I am so excited. Why, at this rate we'll have flowers by.....October.

Since we finally had nice weather (two days of over 70 degrees constitutes “nice weather” around here), Mr. H. and I got busy with the rest of our gardens.

I'm ashamed to say I didn't grow anything from seed this year, but we got some nice plants from the Amish gardens (In my mind, that's the same thing as "home grown")

We heavied up on tomatoes. Mr. H. cans tomato sauce...yum. But there is still a little space for my corn

Marigolds might seem trite, but I plant them all around the garden. We have (knock on wood) never had a bunny or deer problem (Mr. H. has his own technique for getting rid of Geese - I'll let him tell the story later in the year)

With that garden planted, I have a few other gardening tasks

Like the 8 million other plants I bought.


So many pots...so little time....


All potted. (Oh, and the plants are in pots as well)

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  1. Cathy Klug | May 23, 2011 at 11:36 am | Reply

    You are such a good gardener. You have vision, which is the key element to a good garder, in my opinion. Since he retired, Mr K. has started buying the plants for our pots. I love his enthusiasm, but sometimes his color choices aren’t what I would pick. I can’t get down and do the work, so will hold my just enjoy a chore that I don’t have to do. He loves doing it and it really does look nice when everything is all potted and full.

    • Jill H | May 23, 2011 at 2:48 pm | Reply

      You live in paradise. I can only imagine how beautiful your gardens are. I know we loved everything when we were there a hundred (seems like) years ago….

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