Dear Martha: Let's try this again….

Dear Martha,

Good grief.

It rained all day yesterday.  Not just a light spring rain, but a deluge of rain.  Every once in a while I looked out the door and it looked like it was raining side-ways!

Not content with absolutely drenching everything, it was also COLD!!  Mr. H said it was 49 degrees!!    Seriously.   Not.   Funny.

I bring this up because I was just getting ready to push the send button on my Martha Diary and all the lights went out!!

Are you kidding me?

I couldn’t post, so we went to bed.

Well, it’s Thursday morning, it’s still cold and the sun is still not shining.  I suspect the fact that it’s only 5:30 in the morning might have something to do with it, but I’m not too hopeful.

You are probably tired of singing the “Model of a Manic Hostess of the Lake”, so I’d better post this before you have to sing one more verse!!

My strategy for making it through your April issue of Martha Stewart Living didn’t work very well.   Did we even get past Page 6?

So … I’ve been thinking.

The strategy of going page by page is not very productive.

But I am committed to making my way through your magazines.  So, I used the stickers you included this month (from Seattle’s Best Coffeee) and marked the pages of things I have an interest in.

Now, this is more like it. I have marked the more manageable 3 bazillion things I am interested in.

On page 6, there was a reminder to discard old suntan lotion….

These drawers need some cleaning...

All done. This just makes me feel good. It does. Really. (Remember, no judging)

Now there, don’t we feel better? I have already knocked one thing off the list.

What’s next?

Look, Mr. H. is showing some interest in one of your ideas. That’s very promising.

We are looking for some kind of shade on the deck and found some inspiration in your June issue. Unfortunately, no directions were given, but our neighbor, Jim, is brilliant at this type of thing (he built a screened in porch all by himself last year) and gave us some good ideas. I'll keep you posted.

Oh, the watermelon pot holders you pictured brought back some great memories.  I think they might even be my memories.  I am fairly certain one of my Grandma’s had a watermelon pot holder.

I don’t have one.

But I do have some pot-holders that I really love.

The red one is from my sister, Cathy. I think she knitted it (I have two, but couldn't seem to find the other for the picture). The darling yellow and pink potholder was made by grand-daughter Luci.

Oh, Martha, you aren’t going to like this, but I do have a complaint.  You have a Michael’s Crafts 40% off coupon for a Martha Stewart Crafts item.


Unfortunately, I will NOT cut or tear anything out of my Martha magazines, so I am foiled!

Oh, the humanity!!!!

But let’s move on to more memories.  I just LOVE the vegetable salt shakers.  My Grandma S. had a ton of them and kept them all on her window shelf in her kitchen.  I just loved it when she let us “clean” them (I’ll bet she was never able to get the salt out after we washed them…oops)  My sister, Cathy, has the salt shakers now.  I’m glad they are in good hands.

If you remember, we visited the World Famous Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum in Tennessee.   Wall after wall of salt and pepper shakers.  

Of all the shakers, these were my favorite. I just can't see putting them out for the grand-kids to use....

Oh, I’m feeling good about this new approach. I know I haven’t really accomplished anything yet (unless you count the suntan lotion), but I think I’ve hit on a good plan.  I only have a few days before my next issue comes out, so I’d better get cracking.  There were a couple of projects and some recipes I want to try, so I will be sure to write about them as I  work this out (first, I will have to find a rutabaga).

Talk to you later, Martha…..bring it on!!

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  1. Cindy Maechtle | May 26, 2011 at 6:34 am | Reply

    You are truly a bright spot on a gloomy day! Your posts always make me laugh with goodness! Love you!

    • Jill H | May 26, 2011 at 1:27 pm | Reply

      I aim to please!!! And….the sun is out!!!

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