Now that you have millions of marshmallows, what do you do?   (See yesterday’s post.  When you are done drooling, come on back to see what else we did with the marshmallows).

…..of course.  S’mores!!!

With fancy schmancy marshmallows, will we be content with just graham crackers and chocolate bars?

No way.

Nothin’ says lovin’ like a tray of sweets…..

This was the first tray I put together earlier in the day.    As you will see below, I had to make some adjustments.

The Hersheys Bars are standard.  Be sure to heavy up on the Hersheys.   A last minute entry, the Reese’s were extremely popular. Next time, I’ll be sure to heavy up on the Reese’s, too (we “made do” with peanut butter on the Hersheys).   It didn’t occur to anyone to make a S’more with chocolate chip cookies, but they were all eaten by the end of the evening.   A nice addition to the tray.

My homage to health.   Really.   I saw the commercial for Nutella, and they TOLD me it was healthy.  What’s not healthy about hazelnut?  The chocolate?   Well, that’s just to hold the hazelnut together.   Really.

The apple slices never made it on to any S’more, but I did detect approval from the Mommies for providing a healthy snack.   Plus, they clean your palate between S’Mores.

Who was I kidding?  First…kids just don’t like coconut. Second…they all thought it was cheese.   In my defense, the coconut added some texture to the display.

Puh-lease. At what point did I think this would be enough Marshmallows?

Now that’s more like it.

You need a heap of marshmallows if you are going to please our little marshmallow wranglers.   Sophie needs choices.

Oh, you also need a fire (although you CAN make these in a microwave)

…and some kids (Ben and Charlie are Masters of the Marshmallow).

I have NO idea why Charlie is making this face….but I just love it.  BTW, look at that beautifully toasted marshmallow.   Perfection on a stick.

You just might need some instructions (if any of your guests were raised by wolves).

You know I love you, so here is a pdf for “How to Make a S’more”
How to Make a S’more


Cooper models a perfect S’mores Smile.

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