Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy (6/7 YO) – Highlights of Day 2

Day 2:  Art Day – Day 1, in case you missed it, was the day we picked up the middle’uns (Kevin, Carson and Luci).  It wasn’t a full day, but we sure packed in a full day’s worth of activities.

I think we had established that this set of grand-kids was the dream team of arts and crafts.  That’s great, because I had plans…big plans.

To welcome the kids, we usually get them flashlights, water bottles and other camping type things, so imagine my excitement when I found water bottles that featured artists and designers.  I also picked up some artist supplies.  Oh…this is going to be fun.

When I found these water bottles, I was beyond excited.

They were part of an art series. Kismet!!

Such fun stuff. The blank canvas beckons.....

I'm not an artist, but this just makes me want to pick up a brush and paint. Well, actually, I think I'd just like to have a nice, clean set of paintbrushes. Neat. Orderly. Clean. Ahhh

And look, they come in this cute little roll-up case.

Okay, we have all the equipment we need.  What next?

A bit of research revealed  that we have an Art Institute less than an hour away!!   I dug a little deeper and was able to identify the art and artists they have on display.  (Seriously, what in the world did we do before the internet?).  Naturally, we wanted to visit the Art Institute, and naturally I wanted the kids to have a little knowledge in hand so that they would be really engaged.

We learned a little bit about Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848 - 1933), and the kids made these awesome stained glass type pictures. This project spanned a couple of days because there were SO MANY little pieces.

We have had very little sun around here for the past few days, but these brighten the place up a bit. Guess which are the boys and which is Luci's?

A collage of collages in the style of Romare Bearden (1911 - 1988). Haven't heard of him? Me neither. But his work is part of the collection at our Art Institute, so Romare Bearden it is.

Quick. The sun is out. Time for our Jackson Pollock moment.

I mistakenly told the kids that Jackson Pollock used different painting tools. They chose tooth brushes and sticks. What? No Paintbrush?

The kids were very nervous about mixing colors.

Each one of the kids had a chance to direct the other two. That way, each one of them had a canvas that reflected their vision. as long as their vision included blobs of paint, scads of cottonwood and an occasional roly-poly (an armadillo looking bug, for those of you who haven't seen one).

Our first attempt had each of the grand-kids standing on a different side and slinging the paint at the canvas. Anyone see the problem with that ... ahem ...failed strategy? Great. Wish you had been there to point it out before the paint started to fly. After I cleaned all the shoes (really, Luci, did we need to paint in rhinestone shoes?), I decided it would be better to have the kids spatter all together. To make sure the canvas was adequately covered in paint, I had them walk around the perimeter.

As you can see....the visual aspect conveys an originality of concept seldom seen for one so young....

For our next project, I've found a use for paint chips. We'd better get started on the project. Mr. H. Is getting nervous seeing paint chips on the counter!

Hans Hofmann (1880 - 1966) used color blocks to express his creativity. For our color block project, the kids chose the color that best expressed different emotions from a pile of colorful paint chips (this is Luci's). All three of them picked Keoke Coffee to represent me. I'm not entirely sure why. I think I'll go have a cup of coffee and think about it....

Carson is a minimilist, using one color to cover two or three emotions.

It's interesting to note that all three kids picked Lemon Curd to represent their Mom. Makes sense to me.....I just LOVE lemon curd.

This is probably the last year I can get away with this. Is it wrong? I mean, look how cute they are!

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  1. Chrissy | June 24, 2011 at 9:09 am | Reply

    The more of these posts I read, the more I really want to come to camp! 🙂

    • Jill H | June 24, 2011 at 11:32 pm | Reply

      Hmmmm. I wonder why?

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