Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy (6/7 YO) – Wild West Day

Day 3:  Wild West Day

I LOVE Wild West Day.   I hope I will ALWAYS have a Wild West Day for at least one of my camps.     We dress like cowboys, act like cowboys, recite the Cowboy Code, make our own brands, eat out of tin (well, aluminum) plates and say “Howdy, Pardner” a lot.  (Really, there’s more, but we’ll get into that later).

I am attaching a link to a cartoon that I loved as a child.  Perhaps this will help explain my love of the Wild West.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a cowboy after watching this cartoon several hundred times?   (This cartoon is pretty long, but the song is in the first two minutes….)

Walt Disney – A Cowboy Needs a Horse – 1956

Our big project for Wild West Day was the construction of their horse, Snowfire. We spent a good hour building her, and then several hours playing with her.  She was roped, dragged, curried, fed and loved.

They named the horse Snowfire after me.  (I was a horse when I was eight and MY name was Snowfire.  I had a light taupe mane – made of hose – and could whinny and snort).

I also had a song.

Snowfire….Sno-0h-0h-0h Fire.  Faster than the wind.  Made of pure white snow.  She’ll always be my friend.  Where-ever we will go.  Snowfire…Sno-0h-0h-oh Fire.  (Don’t judge.  I was eight!)

So, here is my interpretation of Wild West Day as set against the song of my youth (you’ll be happy to know I mean the Disney song):

Oh, a cowboy needs a horse, needs a horse, needs a horse

And he’s gotta have a rope, have a rope, have a rope

And he oughta’ have a song, have a song, have a song

If he wants to keep ridin’

Now a cowboy needs a hat, needs a hat, needs a hat

And a pair of fancy boots, fancy boots, fancy boots (these were Mr. H’s Dad’s boots)

And a set of shiny spurs, shiny spurs, shiny spurs

If he wants to keep ridin’

Oh, the fence is long

and the sun is hot

And the good Lord knows that a cowboy’s gotta keep ridin’, ridin’ along

So he gets himself a horse, and a rope, and a song

And he finds himself a hat, fancy boots, shiny spurs

And there’s nothing more he needs, or can have, or can get

If he wants to keep ridin’, ridin’ along

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  1. Cathy Klug | June 25, 2011 at 11:20 pm | Reply

    Jilly, there is nothing in this blog to replicate the whinny that you used to emitted when Snow fire had something to say. Your whinny was really unique. Really! I think I left our home and Detroit for New York very soon after Snow fire. I’m not saying that was the reason, but…. it might have been!!!!
    Love the photos and all the kids are beautiful. Love you!!!!

    • Jill H | June 26, 2011 at 8:26 pm | Reply

      I thought about you when I wrote this. Karen too. Thank you for letting me be…Snowfire…..

      Love you all too!!

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