American Gothic (or…Grampy and Grandmama go Goth…sort of)

American Gothic Project

When you are in an airplane at night, do you sometimes look down at the lights of the towns and wonder what the people are like who are living in those houses?  (This is a more disturbing thought if you watch a lot of Bravo TV.  The Real Housewives live there?  Where is the Extreme Couponing compound?)

Or, if you are in the car and pass by an interesting or beautiful home, do you imagine who is living in the house?  (You know, if you go trick or treating with the kids, you can see inside … a little.  Not that I would do that, but …. I’m just sayin’)

Well, in a sense, that’s  what Grant Wood (1891 – 1942) was doing when he got the idea for American Gothic (not the trick or treating part).    He grew up in Iowa on a farm and when he saw this house (in Iowa), he liked the fancy Gothic window on the plain American Farmhouse.   He “imagined” the people who might live there and that’s what he painted.  I guess there was some controversy about who the man and women were and who they were supposed to represent.  I’m going with the theory that he was painting a farmer and his daughter.   Evidently he asked his dentist and his dentist’s sister to be models for the painting.  I wasn’t entirely sure my dentist would cooperate (although he is a GREAT dentist), so I had the kids come up with their own ideas.

American Gothic

CPhoto by John Langholz, St. Louis, MO courtesy of

I gave each of the kids this photo, and asked them to imagine who might live there.

Kevin and Luci got right to work. Carson was not with us for this project 🙁

Kevin knew exactly who he wanted in that house.

Luci had to think about it for a minute.  (In fairness, we did this project first thing in the morning and Luci is NOT a morning person).

Kevin thought he would like to live in this house. He liked the fancy window.

Luci thought her Mom and Dad should live in the house. She said they (her brothers and her) would visit them all the time….. Hmmm.

Actually, this is from a “We’ve Moved” card we sent out when we moved full time to the Lake.  That explains why Grampy has a mustache (and I don’t).

Yup, this is how we look when we party. Really. Same expression. Aren’t we fun? (I was going to really Goth it up…but I just couldn’t do it).

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