Fun With Food – Jello Art

I always try to have a couple of recipes for each theme at Camp.  For the middle’uns, we had two themes: Wild West and Art.   (Originally, I had a third theme of Water, but it was raining so much and it was so cold I wasn’t able to kick it off.  Very disappointing, I had a water-board activity I was really hoping to try – Don’t panic, it’s not what you think).

Wild West was easy, and I’ll get to that in another blog, but Art was almost too easy.  Food is art, and there are so many ways we could incorporate recipes into the Art theme, but I wanted something a little different.   So I muddled things around in my brain a bit….

….and then I thought about Jello.    You know.    J-E-L-L-O.     Jello.     The Jello of childhood.      Colorful Jello.      Wiggly Jello.      Sparkly Jello.      Heavenly Jello.

Lime Jello.  (Although we always had fruit cocktail swimming in it).

Red Jello.  (Generally the Jello we ate when we were sick. Served in a small clear bowl).

Orange Jello.  (Mom always made this with crushed pineapple. I didn’t care for this particular combination, but I would take a spoonful and mess it around on my plate. Hey, that must be were the artistic muse comes in!).

Blue Jello. ….Wait a minute. I don’t think we ever had blue Jello growing up.

I was ROBBED, I tell ya’, …ROBBED!

First, the kids picked out some colors they liked (well, actually, we used ALL the colors we could find at our little grocery store).

Kevin chose primary colors (that’s red on the left….poor lighting…poor me….poor red Jello)

Luci picked Secondary Colors.  Isn’t it amazing that they made these very different choices?  I am going to think about that for a moment…and then I will decide that I have no idea what it means.

The kids emptied the contents into their bowls.

And then they carefully stirred hot water into each bowl until it was dissolved.

I just love the look of the Jello coated spoons.   

Once the Jello was set, I cut it into cubes.   Kevin and Luci had a palette of beautiful Jello colors to work with.

Fun mosaic designs. (Sorry Mommies and Daddies. I’m sure Kevin will remember not to play with his food.  Absolutely sure).

Luci’s Jello cube supply seemed to dwindle quickly.

Oh, I get it….”Grandmama, this isn’t such a good idea. I have a stomach ache”.

Oh, how we suffer for art.

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  1. Cindy | June 30, 2011 at 3:17 pm | Reply

    For more jello inspiration – check this out:

    • Jill H | June 30, 2011 at 4:03 pm | Reply

      OMG, she is insane!!! Insanely wonderful!!! I must do more jello…..Cindy, what have you done? You’ve unleashed the jello mold monster!! Arghhh

  2. Cindy | June 30, 2011 at 3:23 pm | Reply

    and a Jello Mold competition….

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