Let Me Entertain You…

I love herbs and spices.   Beautiful and exotic with names like Spicy Cinnamon, Hot Chili Pepper, Northwoods Fire and Sweet Curry.

It’s no wonder then that when I opened my spice drawer the other day I began to sing….”Let me…entertain you…..”

And now, direct from my spice drawer, I present the Spice-ettes.

(Sing to the tune of Gypsy’s iconic tune, “Let Me Entertain You”.  Sing out, Louise!!)

Let me entertain you,

Opening act. Led by the full-flavored Paprika.

Let me make you smile…

Arguments back stage resulted in re-branding the Cinnamons.

Let me do a few tricks,

The Grinders were headliners in the old Spice Market days.

Some old and then some new tricks;

The Asian Spices are always popular with a blend of new and old tricks.

I’m very versatile;

The Spice-ettes are known for their precision kick-line. 

And if you’re real good,

Their language can be a little salty. They’ve been around for awhile.

I’ll make you feel good,

Specialty acts are always popular.

I want your spirit to climb;

The pepper act really sends them soaring.

So let me entertain you,

Uh-oh.  Nutmeg went a little too far.

We’ll have a real good time,
Yes sir!

After the raid, the spices felt exposed.

We’ll have… A real good time!

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    Hi! I’d like to send you an email but the Contact link at the top of your site is broken. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you!

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