What I learned from Camp this year…

The grand-kids all started school this week, so I guess that means Camp is officially over for 2011.   I will still be posting some of our camp highlights over the next few weeks, but I thought this would be a good time to reflect on what Grampy and I learned at Camp this year.

* * * * * * *

– Sometimes the best activity is no activity.

Quite often, the kids would just chill, and talk... These were some of my favorite times for the kids.

– If it’s messy, it’s fun.

R.J. and one of the Mentos geysers

– You’re never too old to need a little comfort.

Ready for the big camp out

– When kids look at you with big eyes and a smile….they pretty much get what they are asking for.

Just look at those eyes..

– Children listen very carefully to the rules (keep your you hands and feet inside the boat at all times….) and they follow them.

Listening carefully to the rules on the Amphibious Ducks.

– It’s good to have a friend to hang on to when you are scared.

Charlie and R.J. Ben was holding on to me (or I was holding on to Ben).

Luci is hanging on to Carson for dear life. There was a buffalo ahead. (or a buffalo head....)

– There is a lot to discover in this world.  

Although he's been to Robot World for 7 years in a year, Charlie found something new to explore.

– It’s important to concentrate.

R.J. was trying to make an impression of his hands...with thousands of pins.... I guess he was on pins and needles....har de har har

– Kids are fearless.

This was the first year the boys were tall enough to ride the bike on the tight-wire. Ben seems unconcerned.

Luci and Carson in their favorite climbing tree.

A hair-raising adventure!!

– Chicken butts are funny. 

What else can I say? Chicken butts ARE funny!

– Children are fluent in toad.

Carson informed me that he understood toad and could talk to him. I believe.

– Children cry when they hurt someone else’s feelings.

Luci called Kevin a "pilly-head" and then cried because she felt so bad...

– Children are often patient.  (Please note, I said “often”.  This is a muscle they are still developing.)

They waited for 45 minutes for the ride to start and didn't move off the wagon seat.

 – Children have wonderful imaginations.  (duh)

Luci and Kevin endowed Snowfire with many wonderful characteristics.

– Children believe in good luck charms.

They spotted this on our wagon ride in the canyon. We came back safe. It worked.

– Children are very, very kind.

Luci, saying goodbye to Duke.

– Children are very curious.

His eyes seem to follow me...

– They are very creative.

I was wearing a beret too, but I looked like a mushroom...so no pic of me...

Luci and Carson with their masterpieces.

Kevin working on his American Gothic.

– Children are pretty silly.

They think we're pretty silly, too!!

– They have their own unique sense of style.

I see you!!!

– They are fashion forward.

Sophie to our friend, Laurie, who was cleaning that day: "I just LOVE your blue gloves!"

– Some of them can fly.

Cooper's legs are made of springs...

– If they aren’t flying, they are dancing.

Sophie dances with joyous abandon. At the drop of a hat....

– They have magical powers.

– They like to do things by themselves. 

It was Farm Day, so both Sophie and Cooper chose pig pitchers.

– When it’s time to relax, they know how important a tea break can be.

Grampy and I were invited to tea as well. Sophie was "mother". Cooper stirred.

– While they like farm cats, they think a cat farm would be a better idea….

If asked, they would probably tell you it WAS a cat farm..

– They are growing up very fast.

Soon they will all be dating, and driving and ..... gee I hope they still come to Camp!!


When the little'uns get too big, I guess Grampy Campy will take on new meaning....

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