Labor Day Weekend: Pantry Party/Freezer Fest

By the end of summer, our cupboard, pantry and freezer were filled with food that somehow didn’t get turned into recipes. Our solution? PANTRY PARTY/FREEZER FEST

I won't bore you with all the get the point....

For years, we have celebrated Labor Day at the lake with family and friends. For years, we have endeavored to use up all the odd combinations of food still left in our pantry. In preparation for this yearly event, we try not to buy new food, but use up the food we have in the refrigerator or freezer already. It makes for some interesting meals. This was a great beginning.

Bloody Mary Mix and some Pantry Party Pickles. Perfection.

It was cold over Labor Day, so Hot Chocolate (left over from the cold winter months) was a popular attraction.  It was nice that the older kids could make this for themselves.

They had a 2 cup limit. Cocoa is to kids as coffee is to adults.

Another hit at Pantry Party/Freezer Fest was the Cinnamon Logs the kids made out of three boxes of pie dough we have had in the refrigerator since the 4th of July (I think I intended to make cherry pies, but I’m not entirely sure).

With their own bowl of cinnamon sugar, Sophie and Luci were ready to bake.

Although the girls started the bake-fest, all of the kids wandered into the kitchen at some point,  After rolling the pie crust, they cut the dough into strips.  

The strips don't need to be perfect. This is a very forgiving recipe

They spread softened butter on each of the strips of dough.

Lots and lots of softened butter.

They sprinkled the buttered strips with a mixture of sugar and fancy cinnamon.

With buttered up fingers they carefully rolled the strips into little cinnamon butter logs.

After they filled the cookie tray with cinnamon logs, I popped them into the oven.

At one point, I peeked in and saw them bubbling in a tray full of butter.


An almost full box of Bisquick turned into Waffles.

Fortunately, it was a LARGE box of Bisquick. I made 3 dozen waffles.

Later in the day, Luci and I scouted out the cupboard and found three (yes, three) bottles of chutney and 10 cans of corn.   I refuse to tell you how much cream cheese we found. Luci helped make a dip with cream cheese, walnuts, onions, corn and curry.

It looked a little like egg salad.

No one cared about the color

No one cared about the color. It was a big hit.

And, of course, we always seem to have the makings for s’mores.

What do you mean you didn’t see anything healthy?  Why, there were tomatoes in the Bloody Mary, and the chutney was full of fruit….

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