Spooky Eyeballs

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, our grand-kids helped me make some spooky eyeballs for Halloween.

Click here and you’ll see what we did last weekend.


(I am easily amused)

This is a great Halloween project, and suitable for all ages.  I’m going to take you through it step by step, but will also give you some tips to help you avoid some of the pitfalls.  Not pitfalls, exactly, but things I would do differently if I had only had someone like me tell me what to do!!!

Have I mentioned how much I like people to tell me what to do?


(There’s a reason for that…..)

I found this particularly ghoulish decor in the most recent Family Fun Magazine.  (For family crafts, activities and fun, they rate right up there with Martha Stewart…only for kids….)


You don’t really need many materials to make these, and you can whip up a dozen or so fairly quickly.

What you need:

Ping Pong Balls

Tea Lights


Knife (to be used by adult)


Construction Paper

Glue dots (not absolutely necessary)

You could also use feathers, or crepe paper or glitter. Let your creative juices flow….

Here are some resources I found.  Don’t feel compelled, but if you wish, they are only a click away:

I found a gross of ping pong balls, yep 144, on Amazon for $14.29.   You might even find a better deal, but in case you need the link….(I couldn’t tell if they had a logo, but they sure look blank to me.  If you buy them, let me know!!)

I picked my tea lights up from Costco, but here is a link to Amazon for lights.  They are charging $7.40, which is about what I paid


First, find the logo on your ping pong ball.  If it takes more than 1 second to find the logo, then it probably doesn’t have one.

Now that you have found the logo, look on the other side.

See?  A clean slate.

Cut an X in the ping pong ball.  Put the X in the place with the logo.  This part will be on the tea light, so you won’t be able to see it.  Because you are plunging a knife into a small, slippery round surface, it really must be an adult who uses the knife.  (In fact, it might be better if you had these prepared beforehand).

Use your scissors, to turn the x into a small hole.

The hole doesn’t need to be perfect.  No one will see it.  I made the hole big enough so the ping pong ball will set flat on the tea light.

We tried doing this with just using an X in the bottom of the ping pong ball, but it didn’t sit squarely on the tea light.  See how nice this sits on the tea light?

Now, draw the details of your eye (or other pattern) on the ball with permanent markers.

I started with the pupil.

Then I moved on to the iris.

I used my handy-dandy Sharpies for this example, but I used Crayola markers with the kids and they worked beautifully. In fact, some of the markers had a scent, which made our eyeball working environment very aromatic. Nice.

Now you can put in the veins.  Kevin told me this is easier to do if you just pretend like you are very scared.  Then your hand will shake.  (He’s so smart).

See?  Easy Shmeasy.

If you don’t want the eyeball to come off the tea light, you can put sticky dots on the ping pong ball.

And then press firmly on to the tea light.

Now, if you should knock this over, the ping pong ball won’t go bouncing across the floor and under the refrigerator (yes, I speak from experience).

Now, if you have time or if you have older kids, or if you just want some gnarly looking eyeballs, you can also try another technique.

Materials you will need (in addition to the materials listed above):



Mod Podge (glossy)

Acrylic or Oil Paint

Yarn the same color as the paint (you don’t really need a full skein, just about an inch will do)

Iris’s (Click here to download a copy of Easy Eyes from www.hauntershangout.com)

Paint the back of the ping pong ball thoroughly (you remember where the back is, right?)

Feather the paint as it comes around the front of the ping pong ball.

When you feather, make sure it can be seen from the front.  You’ll see why in a minute.

Pick out the color eye you wish for your eyeball.

Carefully cut out the eye.

Somehow I missed the picture of me painting the ping pong ball with Mod Podge.  So, before you pick up your eye, paint the ball with Mod Podge.  While it is still wet, pick up the iris with your tweezers

Carefully place the iris on the wet ping pong ball.  I printed my eyes on photo paper.  unfortunately, it reacted with the Mod Podge and the color kept rubbing off.  I think if you use regular computer paper it will work much better (see, aren’t you glad I did this first?)

Now, you will paint the eyeball once again with the Mod Podge.  Be sure to cover the entire ball, including the iris.

With your tweezers, pull some fibers from the yarn (see, you really only needed a little bit of yarn).

Now you can lay the fibers on the wet Mod Podge.  Do this all around the eye.

You will want to put another coat of Mod Podge all over the eye.  It doesn’t look great right now, but once it dries…

Nice and creepy.

It’s even better with the light on.

So, there you go.  A quick activity for all ages (yep, including Mom and Dad) and they will look just loverly on Halloween.  Unless you are paranoid.  You’re not paranoid, are you? Well, just in case, you might want to put hankies over them.  I think I might put hankies over them.  The eyes do seem to follow you around.   But, I’m not paranoid.  Really.  Not paranoid at all.  Not yet.  And…you’re not paranoid if someone (or something…or someone’s eyeball) is really following you…right?  Right?


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  1. steve Petersen | September 21, 2011 at 6:54 am | Reply

    The Eyes have it.

  2. Nayah | October 6, 2013 at 12:44 pm | Reply

    Both of them are cute ideals.
    The eye ty it all together to make a creepy Halloween look it is so amazing how many crafs peoe can come up with

    • jill | October 6, 2013 at 9:44 pm | Reply

      Thanks! I agree…lots of creative people out there, and Halloween certainly seems to inspire a lot of creativity! I remember years ago having to “find” stuff to make spider webs and now you can find any number of spider webs in bags…. Have a great Halloween!!!

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