The Odd a’ Sea – Days 12 and 13

“I have never with these eyes seen anything like you, neither man nor woman.  Wonder takes me as I look on you.”  The Odyssey, Homer, 800 – 1200 BC



Odysseus and his mate looked with wonder upon the haze.

What could be hiding in the murky gloom?

Birds gathered.  Carrion birds, waiting for easy prey.

There was Danger at every turn.

As the fog lifted…

…the skeletal remains of shipwrecked boaters were revealed.

Odysseus and his mate knew they needed to get past this dangerous shore.

A passing stranger hailed the crew.  “Beware” he called.

They sought refuge ashore, only to find a wall adorned with the bones of sea monsters and heavily toothed fish.  Could they be next?

A magical bird came to tell them of the troubles ahead.  Charybdis, he said, dwelt on the seas they were seeking to cross.

(Charybdis was a whirlpool who swallowed everything nearby).

The men were so frightened of Charybdis, hair sprang from their face.

They faced certain doom


Penelope, unaware of the danger facing the men, secured her home and readied it for the coming winter months.


The non-classical version:

On Saturday,  our travelers were still cooling their heels in Columbus, Mississippi.  Since they were there for two days, you might ask, what is important about Columbus? Evidently, Hernando de Soto, in his search for El Dorado, crossed the Tombigbee River and mentioned the town.   As it turns out, he just mentioned the place.  At the time, it was called Columbus.

It was originally called Possum Town.

After two glorious days in Possum Town, on Sunday morning they traveled to Demopolis, Alabama, which is at the confluence of the Tombigbee and Black Warrier Rivers.  The picture above (in the Odyssey story line) of the white bluffs is part of the riverway just beyond Demopolis.

On Monday, they traveled down the Tombigbee to Bobbie’s Fish Camp.   They had been told that Bobbie’s would be … sparse, so they were prepared for slim pickings.  It turned out that there was room for only three boats, but they enjoyed the company of the other boaters, had a good dinner and enjoyed their time at Bobbie’s.

Enough small-talk.  Let’s get to the adventure….

Perhaps it was because they were 13 days into their trip.

Perhaps it was because things had gone so well up until that 13th day.

Perhaps it was inevitable that there would be issues if they stayed in places like Possum Town and Bobbie’s Fish Camp,

Whatever the reason, things suddenly got a little….let’s say…concerning.

Evidently the Tombigbee River is just chock full of 90 degree turns and is very narrow.  As I was talking to Mr. H., I suddenly heard an “Oh Sh**” and then “I’ll call you back”.

Oh, good.  I’m not at all concerned.


When Mr. H. called back, I was told that a barge had come from the other direction and was close enough that they (Mr. H. and Brad) had to totally back off to an inside corner of the river.

Crises averted.

Once they settled in at Bobbie’s Fish Camp, another call revealed that a tropical depression in Nicaragua might create some problems for them.    (This would be the whirlpool, Charybdis, referenced above).

The tropical depression is now officially a Hurricane.   Hurricane Rina.

Evidently you can’t take a boat on the ocean during a Hurricane.  If you asked me (and no one has asked me), it also seems foolish to take a boat TO the Gulf Coast if a Hurricane is coming.  The obvious solution would be to hang out at Bobbie’s Fish Camp or head back up to Demopolis to wait out the storm.

Unfortunately, there was another …. complication.

A bridge was being repaired in Mobile, and if the guys didn’t get past the bridge before the 28th, they would be held up for another two weeks.  (They evidently shut down the river.  Can they do that?  Just shut down the river?  It doesn’t seem right).

Somehow the thought of back-tracking was less desirable to the guys than being on the Gulf during a Hurricane.  Onward they boated.  Onward to Mobile.

On Tuesday, they arrived at Mobile Bay.  At this point, Hurricane Rina appeared to be content with hanging out near Cozumel and Cancun (can you blame her?),

One would think that would be the end of their problems.

One would be wrong.

It appears that their boat cannot travel to Florida until after November 1.  Insurance will not cover the boat in Florida until after the end of the official Hurricane Season.  Hmm.  Seems like this might have been part of some conversation prior to the trip.  Anyone with me on this?  A conversation that might have started with, “we can’t possibly be in Florida until November 1”?

Too picky?

Well…the guys got to Mobile today.

They will evidently be spending a week in Mobile, Alabama.

Seriously?  Mobile?


I’ll keep you posted.


As for me?  My life is rather boring in comparison.  I pruned the Hydrangeas.

(Seems like pruning might also be in store for a rather shaggy Mr. H. )

Pruning Penelope





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