The Odd a’ Sea – Days 14 thru 21 (otherwise known as Week 3)

“I long for home, long for the sight of home.
If any god has marked me out again
for shipwreck, my tough heart can undergo it.
What hardship have I not long since endured
at sea, in battle! Let the trial come.”  The Odyssey, Homer, 800 – 1200 BC

The men had been carried away for 14 days, until on the 15th day a seldom seen god stranded them on the shore of Ogygian Island

On Ogygian dwells the great and powerful goddess Calypso

Calypso demanded respect of all who might wander into her lands.

The men, longing for a sight of home, searched for signs that might direct them to loved ones.

…but the sign that made them pause….and linger….and idle….was most striking of them all.

And idle they did….

They found they were rather good at idling.

Even their bike got into the act.

It was an idle-ic  time.

As the sun set


And again

And again

Penelope waited.  Patiently.


The non-classical version:

You may have wondered why you haven’t seen any updates for so many days, but the fact is, the guys were in Mobile, Alabama for several days while they waited for … tides, railroad bridges, weather, insurance…

If you remember from my description last week, they had to get to Mobile before the river was scheduled to be shut down.  The Army Corps of Engineers were replacing a railroad bridge, and the guys needed to be on the back side of the river before that began.  

When they got to that section of the river, they could see the bridge that was being replaced.

The bridge was open so traffic could go through,  but normally it would be swiveled so that a train could get over the river.  It rotates on a platform in the center.

This tower is what they are putting in to replace the earlier railroad bridge.

From now on, the bridge will lower up and down.  Evidently, the new bridge will be in up position until a train comes along and then it will lower.

They did get through this part of the river before the bridge was installed.

Actually, it was nice that they had so much time in Mobile.  First and foremost Brad’s friend, Alison, flew in and joined this merry band of travelers.

What a nice addition (and I LOVE her yellow shoes!).

As you can see, Brad was a little lost before Alison arrived..

Clearly, he was searching for something…

Mr. H, on the other hand, took some great pictures.  Above, a Great Blue Heron.

This lovely fellow is a Muscovy Duck.  He is descended from the pterodactyl and is the only domestic duck not derived from Mallard stock.  He doesn’t quack, but evidently hisses a bit.  For those of you who know me…this next piece is very interesting:  They are the ‘sentinel’ bird for Avian Flu as they keel over before any other breed.

I gotta get me a Muscovy Duck.

and, of course, you can’t be on the gulf without seeing a Pelican.

The guys (and Alison) are on the move again.  I’ll fill you in over the next couple of days.  It looks like they have another week to go before they get to their destination.

As for me?  The kids took pity on me and invited me down to spend time before the big Halloween festivities.  I had such a nice time that I didn’t take too many pictures, but I’ll share the few I have.  It was just the break I needed….

I showed Cooper every complicated and intricate pattern I could find.

He’s a traditionalist.

Unfortunately, Duke ate the pumpkins’ ear balls (Cooper’s description), and then ate the entire face.  <sigh>

Sweet Luci justified all the time I spent creating my Candy Corn Coloring Book.  We both spent a lot of time coloring and eventually the boys joined us as well.

It was a pretty day, so basketball was in order.



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