The Odd a’ Sea – The Final Week

“Do not tell her all that you know perfectly well yourself. Tell her a part only, and keep your own counsel about the rest. Not that your wife is likely to murder you, for Penelope is a very admirable woman, and has an excellent nature  (ghost of Agamemnon to Odysseus)”  The Odyssey, Homer, 800 – 1200 BC

Now there is in the Southern lands, a haven of the old merman Phorcys

This town lies between two points that break the line of the sea and shut the harbour in.

These shelter those within from the storms of wind and sea that rage outside

so that, when once within it, a ship may lie without being even moored.

At the head of this harbour there is a large tree

and not far from this tree a place sacred to the nymphs who are called Naiads.

And so, as had been foretold by Circe, they knew by these signs that they came to the land of the Sirens

Sirens, who enchant all who come near them.

As they approached, they saw a great heap of dead men’s bones lying all around, with the flesh still rotting off them from those who did not heed Circe’s warning.

As Circe instructed, Odysseus and his crew stopped their ears with wax so that none of them may hear the song of the Sirens.

Other signs foretold of further danger

Danger from beasts that threatened their very survival

They did not heed all of the warnings.

Danger was their co-pilot.

So what did they really do for the last week?  Written in code, it is impossible to know.

Penelope, still alone and awaiting the return of the boaters, thwarts those who would invade their home.

Even as some of the invaders sent a signal of disdain to Odysseus.


The non-classical version:

The boaters were quite busy over the last few days, so I don’t know if I have all the details (plus Agamemnon pretty much told them …”What Happens on the Great Loop stays on the Great Loop” …  or something like that).

After leaviing Mobile, the intrepid boaters spent quite a bit of  time planning their next move.  Still watching the weather and the waves, they figured they should move forward to the next port and traveled from Fairhope (in Mobile) to Orange Beach, Alabama.

If it is to be believed, they did nothing but enjoy nature in Orange Beach.

While there, Brad’s good friend Jeremy joined them for the remainder of the trip.

I am quite sure there is a reason Brad has his bike in a dinghy (no, not a euphemism).

On Tuesday, they left Orange Beach and headed out to Apalachiocola, Florida.   (Go ahead, try to say this three times…..

I’ll wait….)


Evidently, Apalachiocola is quite lovely with great seafood, darling shops (I’ll admit, I said darling.  I don’t think Mr. H. said darling when he talked about Apalachiocola.  He might have said…”what shops?”) and a beautiful coastline.

They spent a leisurely Tuesday and Wednesday in Apalachiocola (which is near St. Joe, Florida in case you are trying to find them on a map), anchored just off of St. George Island.

On Thursday, they took off for Carabelle, Florida.

Oops.  My mistake.  They went to Carabelle, not Clarabelle.

Carabelle is only 20 miles away from Apalachiocola, but they spent some of the day getting their sea legs (so to speak) out in the ocean.  They wanted to see how the boat would perform, and see how they would perform as well.   Why is it that this boat, which seemed so big up until now, seems so small to me now?

It took nearly 3 hours for them to get to Carabelle, primarily because they had heard a vibration on the port side of the boat and reduced their speed to about 10mph.   They hired a diver when they got to Carabelle and discovered that it was a rope.  It was removed and all is well.

(The good news is that they handled the seas just fine, although Mr. H. and Alison got slightly sea sick).

They found a good place to eat …. (I’m pretty sure that’s what this sign means) and talked to Buddy, the dock master, to get some information before they headed out to sea.   He let them know that the seas they had been in that day had waves that ranged form 4 feet to 9 feet.



Now I’m nervous.

As this was their last stop before they began to cross the ocean, they headed to bed early.  Tomorrow would be an exciting day.


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