Thanksgiving Turkey Pretzels

My apologies to anyone who might have wanted this fun little recipe before … let’s say … Thanksgiving.

Sometimes life intervenes.

Just as I was getting ready to post, I found myself in a bit of a medical pickle.  For those of you who keep up with my blog, you may remember that we have had a history of  hospital visits over the last few holidays (Ben/broken arm, Mike/Kidney Stones, Jim/Ulcer, Pat/Poison Oak, Kendra/Strep, J.D./Strep).

My turn.

Lucky me.

All is okay, but now I find it is the day after Thanksgiving and I still haven’t posted any of my pre-Thanksgiving tips, still haven’t make bread pudding and, quite frankly, haven’t yet ironed the shirt I intended to wear for Thanksgiving (you don’t need to iron flannel jammies).

Next week, I’ll fill you in on Thanksgiving Dinner and how my (wonderful, brilliant, amazing) family pulled it off, but dog-gone it, I’m going to show you my pretzel turkey.

Ever since we made the butterfly pretzels this summer, I thought the same approach could be used for turkeys.  And so, over the past few months, I found myself thinking about the construction of my … <drum roll please>….

Pretzel Thanksgiving Turkey.

You don’t need many ingredients, although Malted Milk Balls and small twisted pretzels are key ingredients.  For the wings, you can use M & Ms, Reeses Pieces or even candy sprinkles (Carson’s favorite).  I used the white part of some candy corn left over from Halloween for the beak and made some royal icing for the eyes (you can use canned, too).  To “glue” it all together, you can melt some chocolate chips or you can use candy melts (candy melts set up better).

That’s it…

My lovely niece Monica made several dozen of these little gobblers.

They were gobbled right up (har de har har).

If you want to see the speedy version:  -> How to Make a Pretzel Thanksgiving Turkey

Or, you can quickly read through the directions below:

Use three pretzels for the turkey wings

“Glue” the pretzels together with the melted chocolate bits or candy melts.

Put some melted chocolate in the bottom part of the top pretzel and “glue” in one malted milk ball.

Use some more melted chocolate around the sides of the two bottom pretzels.

Push the pretzels into the sides of the 2nd malted milk ball.

Fill the tops of the three pretzels (although I must admit that it worked better when you just put chocolate around the rim).

Now you can pop in some M & Ms or Reeses pieces, or sprinkles or whatever you wish.

For the beak, just “glue” the white tip of some candy corn on the turkey head.

Use icing to make the eyes (you can then color in the iris with a food coloring pen if you wish).

I made a whole bunch of eyes for the next turkeys.  Much easier to deal with.

And here is …. Tom Turkey…. All ready for post – Thanksgiving.

(On the other hand, you really could make him for Christmas!)

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with health, happiness, friends and family.




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  1. cathy klug | November 25, 2011 at 10:16 pm | Reply

    I hope you are feeling better. Are you still on drugs?

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