Catalogs by the yard…

A few years ago, someone gave me the name of a company that helps to manage unwanted mail (including catalogs).

I spent hours (seriously….hours) filling in all the information needed to stop receiving the hundreds (seriously….hundreds) of catalogs I receive yearly (daily).

It didn’t work.

At all.


(Evidently, I was supposed to activate something).


I guess that explains why every year, especially before Christmas (and remember, “before” Christmas is now …. September), I end up with a very large stack of catalogs.

My mail lady hates me.

Up until November 1, I flip through the catalogs (perfect to take on the boat), rip out a few pages I’m interested in (and then never do anything about) and recycle them.

In the run up to Thanksgiving, however, I begin to save the catalogs.  Oh, I’ll recycle the ones that really don’t seem to have universal appeal (American Science and Surplus, U-line, McMaster-Carr, Farm Tek and most catalogs with “mart” or “acme” in the title).

As for the the rest, I sort them and put them into baskets.

When everyone is here for Thanksgiving, it is a catalog fest of Christmas dreamin’ (think Sears catalog … on steroids).

In past years, I just put them all into one (really large) basket, but this year, I decided to organize them a little and separate them into three baskets (one just for the kids).

Because I am … well … because I am me…. this year, I also created a SHOPPING LIST ORDERING STATION.

And, dear reader, because I love you, here is a template for your own shopping list booklets -> Christmas Shopping List

Don’t judge.

While I was sorting the catalogs, I put them into specific piles.

I was curious to see how they all shook out….

I couldn’t help myself, I took a peek:

A 2 piece owl   ($16/set  really. Do you know how many fruit flies this little guy will attract?

A shower squid ($35 Uncommongoods).  This evidently fills a bathroom void.  I shudder to think what that void might be.

Einstein bubblehead ($18 Smithsonian).  Don’t you think there is a disconnect here?

Barnyard close-up shirts ($19.98 The Lighter Side).  These shirts frighten me.  They really frighten me.

Wizard of Oz cookie jar ($49.98 The LIghter Side).  Dorothy is one wire hanger away from looking like Joan Crawford ….scary.

Red neck wineglass ($14.95 What on Earth).  Haven’t they heard of the Red Solo Cup?

Snowman birdfeeder ($24.98 Solutions).  I’m sure the person who designed this didn’t think it through…..THE BIRDS ARE PECKING OUT THE SNOWMAN’S INSIDES!!!   Do you think he will still be smiling when they are done pecking out his insides?  I do not think so.  Not at all.

As frightened as I already am with the catalogs, it needed only this to make me realize that the catalogs are in control.

They don’t mean it.







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  1. Amy | December 6, 2011 at 3:21 pm | Reply

    I’m right there with you Jill! Julia and I were just looking at the Squid shower thingy in the Uncommon Goods catalog and wondering about that.

    • jill | December 6, 2011 at 8:18 pm | Reply

      Kinda makes you want to get it….kinda

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