Sparkling Snowflakes for your Windows

It snowed today.

It’s not a lot of snow, and it doesn’t look like it will stick around for Christmas, but….

It snowed today.

In honor of the snow, I thought I’d make some snowflakes!

And, while I am at it, I’ll share the instructions with you.  You’re welcome 🙂

This activity is easy, fun and produces some great looking snowflakes.   Even the little ones can help (they make verrry interesting snowflakes).

So grab your glitter glue and start sparkling!!!

What you need:

3D Fabric Paint (I use anything glittery or sparkly.  Or both).

Waxed Paper (I cut it into circles so I don’t accidentally knock the paper off the table, but you probably aren’t as clumsy as I am, so feel free to use a full sheet).

Template for snowflakes (you can either make your own templates with paper and pencilor you can download the templates I made for you…because I love you…).


Cookie sheet (or some other firm surface you can carry so that your snowflakes can dry overnight without being disturbed).

What you need to do:

Lay the template face up on the cookie sheet.

Cover the template with the waxed paper.

Trace the snowflake design on the waxed paper with your 3D fabric glue.

Make sure all the lines connect.

Try some different colors or different templates.

Let the snowflake dry overnight on the waxed paper.

Carefully peel your snowflake from the waxed paper (I use my handy-dandy scraper, but a credit card or hotel room key [now you know why you keep them] work just as well).

To help the snowflakes stay on the window, they need to be a little wet.  You don’t want to lick them (remember what happens when you touch your tongue to ice?), so just press them on a damp towel before putting them on your window.

Now, all you need to do is decorate your windows….. (you can also use these to cover the shmutz on your window).


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