Martha called…


What’s that you say?  Martha called?  Do you mean Martha Stewart? (uncanny how I am able to exactly determine what is in your mind when you are reading this.  Even the inflection…)

Here’s the story….

I may have mentioned this before (and it’s possible I may NOT have mentioned this before), but our grand-daughter Luci LOVES Martha Stewart.  This isn’t a passing fancy.  Unlike the Wiggles, Barney and Phineas and Ferb, Luci’s love for Martha Stewart is deep and abiding.

(from one of my favorite episodes – Martha is showing us how to fold a towel…ahhhh)

From the time she was three years old, Luci would sit with wide eyes and great anticipation waiting to see what miracles Martha would create on her show.   Luci would watch every show from beginning to end.  I am sure she had images of Tromp l’Oeil, himalayan stitching and truffled macaroni dancing in her head.

Birthday and Christmas presents were laced with Martha Stewart hole punches, specialty paper and glittery jars of magic.

Luci was smitten.  (Yes, this is Luci watching a Martha Stewart show.  Smitten)

Up until recently, I have been going to New York at least once a month for work and always had in the back of my mind that it would be fun to take Luci along so we could go  to a Martha Stewart show.  (Have I mentioned that I LOVE Martha Stewart as well)?

As it happens, I am no longer traveling to New York on a regular (or any) basis, so had sort of forgotten my “back of the brain” idea to take Luci to see the Martha Stewart show.

But, one day last month I read that Martha Stewart would no longer be taping her show!!!  Oh no!!!

In an inspired fit of “can-do” spirit I quickly went on line to see if we could still apply for tickets to the show.

Only two dates were available, April 23 and April 24.  My fingers flew across the keyboard.  Tickets for April 23.  Two adults and one child.  I told Luci’s story in the area they provided for any special needs (I suspect they might have been referring to handicap access).

I hit enter.

and then I waited.

After three days, I hadn’t heard anything and went on line to see if I could somehow “influence” the result.  No deal.  Unfortunately, while on line, I discovered that we had a ….let’s say….complication.

Did I mention that Luci just celebrated her 7th birthday?

Doom.  Despair.  Desperation.

And so, carrying my shame and sorrow like a blanket, Mr. H. and I decided to leave town for a couple of weeks.   I needed to shake off my malaise (and visit some dear friends and dear family in the process).

I’ll fill you in on the trip in a couple of days (think Pasties, Smoky Beef Stew, Senet, Felted Clutches, Detroit and babies).

Three days into our travel, I received a call.

From New York.

I generally don’t take calls from unknown numbers, but this time I picked up the phone.  (By the way, does anyone say “pick up” the phone any more?  Am I the only one?)

The call was from the Audience Coordinator from the Martha Stewart Show!!!  Honestly, I don’t remember the entire beginning of the conversation, but at some point I heard “we have three tickets on hold for you for the Martha Stewart Show that is taping on April 23.  Can you go?”

Can I go?  Can I go?

After several giddy (and slightly embarrassing) more minutes on the phone, I hung up (again, I don’t really think I “hung up”) the phone.

Thanks to the wonders of cell phones, I was able to call my daughter (shrieks), arrange for flights (painful) and freak out about what to wear.

Because “what to wear” on the Martha Show is a big, big deal.

I had packed for two weeks on the road with friends and family (if you’ve been following me, you will notice I pack the same amount for two day trips).

I did NOT have any outfit that would even closely resemble the “dressed to impress” clothing directive.   Even if I had thought to bring my grown up clothes, it would have been my normal “uniform” of black or gray or tan.


And so, dear reader, Luci her mama and I will be going to New York and will be IN THE AUDIENCE of one of the last Martha Stewart Shows!!!!  Look for us, I will be notable only in that I will be clothed in whatever I can forage during my travels, but by jingo, I’ll be on the show….



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  1. Cindy | April 19, 2012 at 1:34 pm | Reply

    OMG Jill that is fantastic!!! What fun!! Wear your flowery dress that I borrowed!! Very colorful and you look fantastic in it!!!!!!! I will definitely need to see that show. Have fun!!

    • jill | April 19, 2012 at 5:49 pm | Reply

      I know isn’t it crazy? Can’t wear the dress, still on the road

  2. Cindy | April 20, 2012 at 7:47 am | Reply

    Let me know what I should record. What show is it exactly, what time, channel , ect?
    You know this is the beginning of a new career for you!!! I just know the 3 of you will be featured on her show. Martha is absolutely going to love all 3 of you!!!! So exciting!!! :)

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