Dear Martha: Thank you….I have some small suggestions

Dear Martha:

Thank you for inviting us to be in the audience of your show.

We had a ball.

I do, however, have some small suggestions.  Just in case you find yourself on TV again.   I know you won’t mind.  Just some small suggestions.

I know you can’t control the weather…(yet)….

…but would it be so hard to weave a photovoltaic cloth to cover the studio?

It might have prevented this…

…and this.

As for the time you asked us to be in line at your studio.  I think 8:30 a.m. is just a little too early.  How’s a girl to get her beauty sleep?

While we appreciated the free coney dogs (offered while we were waiting in line), 8:30 is still too early.

(although we thought it was perfect for after the show).

In spite of the lovely Danish Modern chairs and the puppy pictures, your waiting room is a little …. stark.  Reminiscent of a bunker or a bomb shelter.  Perhaps a little Martha Stewart Blue on the walls would make this more inviting….or some pillows….or some air.

Please don’t put cryptic symbols on the tickets.  We know why you do it…

and it sort of hurts our feelings.

We were so happy that you thought enough of us to give us lovely parting gifts.  Perhaps a cookbook that did not feature pig ears (with or without hair)  would be more appropriate.

That’s all, Martha.  Just a few little suggestions.  I know you won’t mind.

Until next time, thank you …..  we had a blast!!

Martha, this next bit is for my faithful readers.  You can go now, I am sure you have other things to do (like, maybe, work on the photovoltaic cloth).

Dear Faithful Readers:

Thank you for being so excited about our Martha trip.  I will be posting all the details (yes, it was great fun) in a couple of days.  I just had to thank Martha first.  You understand.







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