Grandma Smells….

It’s possible….okay, it’s probable…that this wasn’t the greeting you had in mind for Mother’s Day.  I’m fairly certain the greeting card companies have not yet developed a “You Smell” category (although, you can’t be sure….)

…and yet….

…when I am out and about in the world, certain smells pull me back to very special feelings about very special women in my life.

When I smell flour or bread dough or any lovely baking smells, I am reminded of my Grandma S. and baking with her in her kitchen at the farm….

Thank you to all the women in my life, in the past and in the present, who have nurtured me.


Listerine and Dove soap remind me of my Grandma W.  Perhaps because there was so much huggin’ going on.

Thank you to all the trusted women in my life, who have helped to make me feel safe. 


My Mom’s signature smell was Estee Lauder’s Private Collection.  I have a bottle at home and spray a little every so often to remind me of Mom.

Thank you to all the beautiful women in my life, who have brought elegance and style into my life.


My particular concoction of Lavender rinse and Downy assure that Children, Grandchildren, Nieces and Nephews can take a whiff of a newly washed blanket, stuffed animal or t-shirt and think of me.  “This smells like Grandmama…”  That just makes me happy.

Happy Mother’s Day.

I hope you smell.

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  1. Susie | May 13, 2012 at 4:28 pm | Reply

    After I quit laughing I thought of the smells that remind me of my grammas and of course my beautiful mother. Gramma Finn owned a bakery, so you guessed it..the smell of coffee cakes baking and a little bakery in Germany…….Gramma Bacon..she would probably not like this…but moth balls…she always had them in her coat closet and her winter coat with the big fox collar always smelled of moth balls and the Dove soap you mentioned……….must have been the era :-). My wonderful mom Shirley…..what doesn’t remind me of her???? Her signature fragrance was also Estee Lauder but it was Estee that she wore. Funny I have her perfume bottle too.
    Today for Mother’s Day my son gave me a wonderful smelling candle……Applewood is the scent and here’s what he said ” this smell reminds me of you mom”………well then the tears came………it’s so simple, this love our children have for us and of course we worship the ground our children walk on. I am also reminded of my other mom, and she is the author of this site, my dear sweet friend, mom, sister and all around wonderful woman in my life. When I go to your house…..every smell in your house makes me feel like I am home, but mostly because you live there.

    Happy Mother’s Day to my dear wonderful sweet friend and “mom”. I Love You!

    p.s. We all smell!!!! Great I mean……:-)

    • jill | May 13, 2012 at 8:51 pm | Reply

      Oh, thank you for sharing!!! I just love that smell is such a big part of your memories too!!! And, of course, John thought of giving you a gift that reminded him of you!!..

      Love YOU dear friend…

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