Farm Town for the Fairies

Several years ago, I was introduced to Facebook’s Farm Town.

“Silly past-time”, I thought.

As a joke, I planted some beans and sent someone a goat.  Someone sent me a Lemon Tree.

I was hooked.

I would “farm” early in the morning, during lunch, after work and into the evening.  I couldn’t wait to harvest my beets and plant more watermelons.  I happily helped out at my neighbor’s farm and dreamed of the day when I could afford a horse or treehouse.

I loved going to the market and finding just the right help to harvest my field (I never hired the “beggars”).

My real garden languished for lack of attention, but MY farm at Farm Town was glorious.

(This isn’t really my Farmtown, but you get the idea).

Ultimately, I had to walk away from Farm Town.  I loved it too much.  I knew I wasn’t “right” with my Farm Town addiction.

I went cold-turkey and blocked it from Facebook (my apologies to anyone who has been trying to send me a chicken or alpaca).

And then, some fairies moved into a summer house outside our front door.

They seemed happy.

But around 3 in the morning I had this thought:

Fairy Farm Town!!

And so it began….

First, I asked Mr. H. to cut a hole in a (yet another) birdhouse.


Then I painted the barn red (I added a little burnt sienna – it toned down the red a bit).


While I was at it, I painted the roof black.


Then I framed the barn door and hay loft with white trim (Mr. H. had a hard time getting a smooth cut.  I think the trim works just fine).


Oh, you noticed the ladder?  Naturally they needed a ladder to get to the hay loft, and, as long as I had the wood strips…..

What else could I do?

How about a weather vane?

To make the weather vane, I glued a bead to the top of the roof of the barn.

I have NO idea where I got these beads, but I am fairly certain you will be able to find them at Michaels or Joannes or Walmart or anywhere that sells beading supplies.

I used beads so that the weather vane would turn when the wind shifted.

Fine.   I’ll wait until you are done giggling.

For the directional arrows, I clipped the top off of some small nails.  I am quite sure there is a technical name for these nails, but I just used some that I found in my junk drawer (way in the back with a blue birthday candle and some matches from Victors).  As long as you can cut them and as long as they are the same size I think you can use whatever nails you have in  your junk drawer.

I was a little afraid of losing the tips of the nails so I clipped them in a zip lock bag.  Some day I’ll tell you the story of the toothpick that was stuck in my toe for two years (that’s pretty much the story).

You can see why I was a little worried.

I glued the nails to the beads (glue gun) and then used craft wire to create the North, South, East and West.  In case you are really interested, I used 20 gauge wire.

I was a little concerned about the E, but it was much easier to create than I thought.  I’m glad it was easy, as I was strongly considering creating a weathervane with just three directions….

Once you have the letters formed, just glue them on the end of the nails.  I was told I couldn’t “get creative” with the directions.  It goes like this:  N then S then E then W.

Now you can glue this whole thing to the top of the bead already on the barn roof.

For the rooster, print out a rooster template (scroll on down for the pdf of the rooster and pattern for the roof) and copy it onto a small piece of wood shingle (balsa wood will work fine).

You can use carbon paper or just press down hard with a pencil.

I used an Exact-o knife to cut the rooster and then painted the whole thing black.    (I’m not very exact with the Exact-o knife, so the black paint helped to hide  … flaws)

It was only natural that the Fairies have a little advertising plastered all over the barn roof.  It think it’s a law.

There is probably a better way to do this but I printed out the letters (again, I included this in the pdf file) and then glued them to the roof with Mod Podge (I used glossy).  Once all the letters were in place, I painted over the letters with white paint (it really helps “POP” the letters) and then gave the entire roof one more coat of Mod Podge.

Oh, I have a lot of plans for the Fairy Farm Town.  I sure hope they don’t mind.

For the moment, the Fairies have a barn and some trees.

It won’t end with the barn.  It never ends with the barn.

I have ideas, I have an empty plot of land.

I have Farmtown.

BTW, here is the pdf for the rooster and the barn advertising.

Fairy Barn Extras.pdf

If you make a barn, please be sure to share your pictures on our Facebook Fan Page!!!

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  1. Miranda | June 28, 2012 at 9:01 pm | Reply

    That is so cute! I can’t wait to see it all when we come on sunday. So excited! Love You! =)

  2. Misha | May 28, 2013 at 7:13 am | Reply

    Love the weather vane. How clever!

    • jill | May 28, 2013 at 11:45 am | Reply

      Thanks so much. Now, if only we could have some nice weather to accompany it!!! Have a great day!

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