Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy – Day 3 – Olympics Day or something like that….


In my mind, the theme song for Chariots of Fire would be playing in the background while our six grand-sons competed in Olympic type activities.   They would cheer each other on as each of them won bundles of gold, silver and bronze medals.  There would be colorful and clever events complete with toga and torch (well, maybe not the toga.  Maybe not the torch).

We would get sheep.


With thoughts and dreams of Olympic victory still dancing in their heads, the boys woke to the Olympic theme music…

and ate Olympic pancakes.

Because it was raining, we had to wait to begin outside preparations, so the boys went down to the Olympic Village and relaxed with a game of flashlight pool.

Clever, clever boys.

Because it was still raining at lunchtime, we decided to go to the movies.

You can’t muffle the Olympic spirit.  Clearly these boys were ready for some athletic competition.  (Is Parkour an Olympic sport)?

As we pulled into our driveway, we were met with a sight that pushed all thoughts of Olympic gold out of their collective heads.

A very large tree branch had fallen from our neighbors’ tree (thank you, Jim and Vicky, for once again providing so much input for our continuing fun).

Plausible deniability.


While the tree branch provided some entertainment, Grampy raised the bar of excitement by bringing out the chain-saw.


As we (meaning they) began to clear out the brush (Jim and Vicky were away from home for a couple of days so the boys offered to help clean up the mess), Charlie asked if they could use the wood to build a fort).

Guess how we responded?

Evidently, you need to get on TOP to build an awesome fort.

It’s easier to think when you are six feet above ground.

The boys “recovered” stakes and poles from the potting shed and used rope and duct tape to create a strong frame.

Built to last.

Four sweaty, inspired, action packed hours later, the boys had built a sturdy and well constructed fort.

It provided ample shade and plenty of secret doorways.  Perfect for picnics and secret meetings.

It was good.




Wasn’t this supposed to be Olympics Day?

Faced with pushing my Olympics agenda or letting the kids follow their leafy dreams, I naturally supported the boys with their fort-building.

As for Olympics Day?  I told the boys that we were going to attend a baseball game in protest.  Did you know that baseball was the first sport to be eliminated from the Olympics since Polo was eliminated in 1936?


America’s national past-time not part of the Olympics?

What were they thinking?  

I understood the removal of Polo and even croquet and tug o’ war, but baseball?


In protest, we went to a baseball game.

We found others who shared our passion for re-admitting baseball into the Olympics.

Charlie’s expression reflects a deep concern for the future of baseball in the Olympics.

Kevin dreams of a day when baseball reigns supreme.

Carson and RJ reveal the hope that the IOC will soon “see the light”.

Ben reaches towards a future where baseball enjoys it’s rightful place in the Olympics schedule.

Cooper wants a ball.

It was a perfect night for baseball. We had a slight breeze and the temperature had dropped to around 80 degrees. Ahhhhh.

The boys had brought their mitts and waiting patiently for some balls in the “backyard” during the home run derby.

They had much better luck back at the seats.  (R.J.’s first ever foul ball catch).

Not everyone was so lucky.

Fortunately, R.J.’s brother Carson also got a ball.

I don’t know if you have been to a Triple-A baseball game, but if you want to capture the feeling of baseball, grab a schedule get some tickets and get on out there.

Sit in the stands and share the joy of baseball with a few thousand other fans.   Join the dizzy bat contest and cheer Miss Tomato in the condiment race.  Find a home team and then cheer until you lose your voice.  Grab yourself a hot dog, popcorn and a nice cold one (yep, root beer counts).

We were all engaged through the last pitch and as we headed home we all agreed that it was a perfect ending of a perfect day.

Maybe we didn’t quite get to the Olympics Day I had planned, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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