Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy – Lambeau Field

After a week of silliness, craftiness, ivory-soap-ishness, foolishness, shrewdness, orienteering-ness, craziness, cleverness, non-olympic-ness, ingeniousness, inventiveness, sport-iness, wittiness and can’t-stay-out-of-the-water-ness …. the BIG day had arrived.

The sun was shining and birds were singing as we loaded the car with six happy, slightly sleepy little boys and revealed that we were going to the pigskin shrine of shrines, the gridiron best of the best, the holiest of football holies, the shining stadium on the shore.

We were going to Lambeau Field.

I will now pause for a collective sigh from football lovers.

I will pause again for a collective gasp from non-Green Bay Packer fans.

I continue.

Green Bay welcomed us as only a “small town” team can welcome rabid er avid football fans.



and an amazing football stadium  (I may have exaggerated the bit about the shining sun and singing birds).

The boys entered the shrine….

…and it was good.

It was fun to realize that the floor of the atrium was marked like a football field.   If you were to knock out a wall of the Atrium, you would see that the floor matches up to the field…exactly.  If you are on the 50 yard line on the floor, it’s the same as being on the 50 yard line on the field.

Who can guess what the boys did on the Atrium football field?

I’m fairly certain the football legends that grace the Atrium would have approved.

We headed over the Hall of Fame and walked under the flags that reminded us that the Green Bay Packers have won 13 league championships (more than any other team in the NFL).

That’s a lot of flags.

At the Hall of Fame, we learned a little about the history of the Packers, Vince Lombardi and Curly Lambeau and then headed into a movie about the Green Bay Packers.

Keep in mind, the boys had been in the car for three hours.  They aren’t really known for their ability to sit still.  Once the movie began…they didn’t move a bit.

After the movie, we walked into the Hall of Fame and passed highlights of the Green Bay Packers championship seasons.  Did I mention that they have won 13 league championships?

Because we had fun and because it was awesome and because I like to share, here are some highlights from the Hall of Fame (I’ll explain later why many of the pictures are so bad.  A cautionary tale):

The boys have a little ways to go to fill these shoes.

Ben was excited to see some plays and got busy showing me what they mean (um….I still don’t know what they mean).

We spent some time looking at all of the inspirational quotes and sayings.  There were many.  It was inspiring.

I might not have included these pics (the boys were in a replica Vince Lombardi office), but Ben wanted to know how to use the old fashioned phone and it just cracked me up.

I felt very old.

These were four of the rings the players get when they win the Super Bowl.  Have I mentioned lately that the Green Bay Packers have won 13 league championships?

There appears to be a little rivalry with a football team to the South….

Have I mentioned?

The boys practiced their football skills…

…and wore themselves out.

Okay.  Time for a break.  This is a long post, so let’s tailgate for a moment.  A little ladderball?  Throw the ball around?  Eat some hot-dogs?  Rested?  Ready for the rest of the tour?  Here we go.

The Tour of Lambeau Field was as interesting and riveting to the boys as the Hall of Fame.


We weren’t allowed into the locker room, but I did try to emphasize the cleanliness (fell on deaf ears).

The boys liked the suites.  Nice place to watch the game.

For all the great things they saw in the tour and the Hall of Fame, the player’s tunnel was the most awesome part of the tour.

As the boys ran through the tunnel, a loudspeaker broadcast a recording of crowds cheering for the “Pack”.

It was goose-bump inducing.

In case you had forgotten…

The boys were absolutely smitten.

The sun finally came out and gave us a chance to pose with Curly…

and Vince…

Thanks Green Bay.  It was a very good day.

We hated to leave.

The ride home was long.

I had put together some kits for each of the boys to make their own pillow.

They got busy tying knots.

and promptly put the pillows (and extra material) to good use.

I suspect they had visions of iconic football games dancing in their collective heads.


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  1. Carolyn Smith | September 3, 2012 at 1:47 pm | Reply

    Pictures were great, but Gary wants to know why he wasn’t invited. Seriously, we went one year and thought it was amazing. We would love to go back sometime. Hope to see you in about three weeks.

  2. Carolyn Smith | September 3, 2012 at 1:54 pm | Reply

    We took the tour one year. We actually went to a game two years ago. Love it up there. Gives us a call or Email or something and let us kow what your plans are for the reunion.

    • jill | September 3, 2012 at 6:52 pm | Reply

      we will absolutely be there. I’ll give a call on Wednesday!!! Can’t wait to see you all!

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