Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy – Girls Camp – Button Day

I have a big button.

Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

Have your little chuckle.

Are you finished?

I’ve had this big button for several years and have been hoping I would find a use for it (seriously, quick snickering).

“Brilliant”, I said to myself.  “This big button will be brilliant for button day”.

I set the button on a shelf and promptly forgot it.

Until this year.


At long last …. Button Day!!

The girls loved their itty bitty button books

…and spent time reading their itty bitty stories…

and coloring in their itty bitty button coloring books.

Button Day was getting off to a great start.

I envisioned an entire day of buttons.

Our cup would runneth over with buttons.


The girls had different plans.

Their plans had nothing at all to do with buttons.

I had previously laid out all my daughter’s old prom dresses and daughter’s-in-law old bridesmaid dresses for an event later in the week.

Guess what the girls wanted to do?

We had Tim Gunn moments (Sophie:  “Ho Hum”).

We had Annie Hall moments (in which Luci looks amazingly like her cousin, Monica)

We had last minute alterations…

..and big decisions on just the right chapeau…

…and just the right pearls.

It was easy to see the lovely women these darling little girls would become.

Fortunately, they will be our little girls for a few more years.  (There will be more of the “dress up” in the next few days, but wanted to give you a sneak peek….)

Now, let’s get back to the buttons.

Before we began any projects, we needed to sort the buttons.

We just LOVED sorting buttons.  In fact, we spent at least two hours sorting buttons.

We couldn’t make cupcakes for awhile, but we sure did sort buttons.

Unfortunately, we needed a variety of buttons to make backpack fobs.  I guess It was just easier to find what we needed from a jumbled pile of buttons.


The girls picked the buttons they needed from the now muddled pile of buttons and threaded them onto wire.

I had pushed the bottom of the wire into styrofoam to hold it in place.  Clever, clever me (not as clever with the sort/unsort part of the button organization….)

It took a lot of concentration, but the girls got the hang of it…

…and made a bunch of colorful fobs from the now very messy (and unsorted) pile of buttons.

After making enough fobs to supply their entire family (and every person living in our town), we headed outside to play another kind of sorting game.

Earlier in the week, I made a bunch of little “sewing baskets” with a different color button on each.

Grampy placed them strategically around the back yard.

The girls each had a container of buttons.

and had to race to see who could “sort” their buttons the fastest.

Grampy must have thought Sophie was a little taller …

Fortunately, she got a little help.

Luci was so fast I couldn’t get a good picture.

As a result, she ran out of buttons.  (I refilled her container on the sly.  Do you think she noticed?)

Mackenzie adopted the slow and steady approach.  She did NOT run out of buttons.

We managed to sneak in a few more button projects, but you may be interested to know that I never did use my big button for any useful thing.

Maybe next year.


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