Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy – Spaaaaaa Day



I will Breathe, Breathe, Breathe (and try not to giggle).

I have the power to change my world (by planking….).

I choose to consciously surround myself with positive influences (and pretty straws).

I will consciously make healthy choices (and slice my bananas with a cool banana slicer).

I will consciously drink in peace, happiness, and bliss ( and bananas, strawberries and raspberries).

I will adorn myself with felicity (and fruit flavored lip gloss).

I will taste of life and prosper (as long as life fits on my pointer finger).

I will face life fearlessly (in a lovely purple terrycloth headband).

I will be open to a new and changing environment (unlike the pictured beaver….clearly rejecting the new…).

I will be flexible and flowing (in my lovely, soft pink robe).

I will be patient and uncomplaining (but…couldn’t I be patient another day?)

I will know that pleasures await me and be glad (’nuff said).

I will know that I am on the list and I will be glad (I’m on the list, right?).

I will (finally) be called, and I will really, really be glad (really, really glad).

I will reflect on the perfection of life (and the perfection of my reflection).

I will keep my finger on the pulse of life (especially when my finger has pretty polish).

I will reflect on the sweetness of life (just moments before I order a Strawberry Sundae Facial).

I will consciously surround myself with friendship (and cuddle with my friends in my soft fuzzy robe).

I will nourish my soul with purity and love (at a tea party!).

I will endeavor to make the change I wish to see in the world (or at least I’ll make bath fizzies and hand lotion).

I will wrap my head in ideas and great thoughts (and perhaps a turkish bath towel).

I will be the change I wish to see in the world

I will know that every day in every way I am getting better and better.

I will know that I can change the world.

I will surround myself in love and truth (and a little pink…sometimes).



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