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St. Croix is not in France.

In fact, other than the name, St. Croix has very little to do with France.

That’s not to say the French didn’t influence the name.

What follows is my Reader’s Digest version of why St. Croix is called St. Croix.  If you aren’t interested, feel free to skip on down a couple of paragraphs.

As the story goes, Christopher Columbus landed on the island in 1493 and named it Santa Cruz.  Years later, still named Santa Cruz, the island was amicably governed by both Dutch and English settlers.  It seems they had some very good years ruling in tandem until one day the Dutch Governor decided to kill the English Governor.  This act seemed to peeve the English and so they killed the Dutch Governor.   The way was now clear for the British to rule the island and they happily did just that for a number of years.   (The remaining French and Dutch settlers kept their collective heads down).

In the meantime, the Spanish (who were hanging out in Puerto Rico at the time) were a little concerned about the growth on the island (growth of everyone but the Spanish) and decided to pay a surprise visit to the island to let everyone know that they were now in charge. Once the Spanish were in charge, the French got into a bit of a snit and took the island from the Spanish.  While King Louis XIV seemed keen for acquisition at the time, after a few years the French lost interest (a heck of a commute) and sold their interests to the Dutch.

Fortunately, during the time the French owned the island, they renamed it to St. Croix.  In a bit of luck, the Dutch never got around to renaming the island.  ‘Heilige Druis’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

And now you know ….

What does this have to do with French Day you ask?

Well, as I was getting organized for French Day for the girls at Camp, I was looking for my Mom’s collection of berets.

I found the berets.

In the process of searching for the berets, I found this awesome purse that belonged to my equally awesome mother-in-law, Talley.  She bought this purse while vacationing in St. Croix and I just LOVE it.


I just happened to have some straw purses and decided that they would be perfect for French Market Bags.  Something to take to les villes de marche.

The girls got to pick the hair, dress, shoes, jewelry and other adornment.

Each had their own “look” (very couture, don’t you think?)

They also helped to make the pom poms (at last count, Luci has made enough pom poms to adorn about 300 French Poodles).

Tres chic.

While they might not work so well at our local ondule un porcelet (Piggly Wiggly), if we ever make our way to France, we are more than ready!!


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