Seven Signs of Trimming

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…seven signs of trimming.

Let’s be clear.  By “signs” I am not referring to a crop circles, Mayan prophecies or sun spots.  I’m referring to mathematical expressions.   Christmassy mathematical expressions.

You know how that works, right?


Well, take a look and perhaps you’ll understand…


Over Thanksgiving, we rounded up the kids and made an entire village of gingerbread houses.  Imagine my surprise when the Mommies said the kids should leave these works of art with Grandmama and Grampy!  We took full advantage and used the houses as part of our decorations.


I just love the smell of clove studded oranges.  I make a bowl of these aromatic oranges and place them in the kitchen.


When I was little, my Dad would paint on the mirrors.  He used glass wax, but window wax works just as well.  It paints on pink, but then dries to a powdery white.  After the Holidays, you just wipe off the glass wax and have a sparkly clean mirror.


When I was decorating my tree, I ran across some ornaments my sister, Karen, made a number of years ago.   Everything Karen makes is beautiful and generally well outside may ability to recreate.  In this case, however, I was able to recreate her sparkly ornaments with good results.   Grab some styrofoam balls, some napkins (the napkin needs to have a white background) and Mod Podge and get to work.  Cut the design out of the napkin, paint Mod Podge on the styrofoam ball and place the design on the ball.  Once the Mod Podge has dried, paint the entire ball and then shake some clear glitter all over the ornament.  For the hook, I just bent some silver wire and inserted it into the ball.  It’s just that easy.


I’ve been collecting Silver Bells for a few years, and up until recently would hang them on my aluminum tree.  It made sense to me.   Imagine how disappointed I was that no one ever commented on my beautiful silver bells.  Two years ago, I was “taking down” Christmas and began to dismantle the aluminum tree without removing the ornaments.   I didn’t realize they were still on the tree.  So, I swapped the silver bells for blue ornaments, but the bells in my Grandma S.’s cut glass compote dish and all was right with the world.  Oh, and the reflection on the silver bell of the girl in her red pajamas?  I have no idea who that is.  No idea at all.


Windex is important as well.


With my handy-dandy glue gun, I took ornaments that had belonged to my Mom and Grandma(s) and fashioned a couple of wreaths.  You know the ornaments you consign to the back of the tree because they are a little worn?  Perfect for the base.  You know the ornaments that have special meaning but you can’t highlight all of them on the already packed tree?  Perfect for the wreath.



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