Nine Ladies Dancing.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…Nine Ladies Dancing. And by Ladies, I mean Fairies. And by Dancing, I mean Fluttering.

I was trying to figure out what the Ninth Day should be, when I remembered something I had seen at She had constructed fluttery butterflies from wire and paper.


For my dancing ladies, I used as inspiration Fairies the kids have drawn over the past couple of years. The Fairies that live in our wall love to display the pictures the kids draw. Magically, they reduce the pictures so that they fit on their teeny tiny walls. Fortunately, I kept some of the human sized pictures.

I will show you how to make your very own fluttery fairy.  Once done, you can place this fairy in a card. When the child opens the card, the fairy will dance her little feet off.

Most everything you need will be found in any self respecting junk drawer. suggest 24 gauge wire, but I used paperclips and it worked out quite well. It was an added benefit that the paperclips were fun.

Unbend two paperclips.

With one paperclip, form a small circle in the middle of the wire (wrapping the wire around the end of a paint brush makes this a little easier).   Set this aside.

With the other paperclip, form another small circle.  Bend the circle so that it is perpendicular to the ends of the paperclip.

Form a little s-hook at the foot of each end of the paperclip.

Thread the rubber band on to the loop of the first paperclip.

Thread the rubber band through the loop of the second paperclip. (if the loop of the first paperclip doesn’t easily go through the loop of the second paperclip, make the first paperclip’s loop smaller. You want this to be very loose so that your dancer will be able to twirl, twirl, twirl.

Hook the rubber band to the hooks. This will pull the hooks together.

Cut your Dancing Fairy so that there is a top and a bottom.

Tape the top of your dancing fairy to the supports on paperclip number 1.

Tape the bottom of your dancing fairy to the back of paperclip number 2.

Twist the rubber band until it is taut.  Around 30 turns should do.

Insert your little dancer into a card.

When the card is opened, your little dancer will flutter!

Let me introduce you to my Nine Ladies (fairies) Dancing (fluttering).

This little fairy seems to love her garden. I’m hoping she can still fly with the plant. Otherwise, someone is likely to get bonked on the head.

The Love Fairy seems to be perpetually in love.  Her big hands and webbed wings are well-suited to catching the love of her life.

Why yes, Fairies ARE great.  Baseball Fairy may have a disturbingly long left arm, but I suspect that is her secret of success.  No line drive will ever get past her!!

Camouflage Fairy is hard to find in her natural habitat.  You may not be able to see it, but she has a little monkey friend.

This fairy is wired.  With a little coffee, she can dance for hours.

We would have to ask the artist the real meaning of this fairy.  I’m thinking vampire hula fairy.   Sure.  That makes perfect sense.

Lion King Fairy is due for a trim.

Gymnastics Fairy will have to hold on to her medal when she is spinning around or she is likely to knock herself out.

Now this is more like it.  Stars, sparkles, magic wands.  She is in full fairy regalia.


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