Countdown to Camp #1 – Five Days and Counting

You may remember that last year for Camp I asked the kids to stow the technology.  Take a read if you need to be reminded  ….  Boys Camp 2012 HAL 9000 = 8, Me = 0


Since I don’t want a repeat of last year’s debacle, I’m neutral on technology this year.  The kids may wish to bring their various gadgets, but I’m hoping we keep them so busy they never quite get around to using their various forms of technological wizardry.

In the meantime, I thought I’d resurrect License Plate Bingo.

Originally, I thought I would give the kids an example of each kind of plate available for each state.

Alabama Plates.030

Too much.

Instead, I cleaned up last years License Plate Bingo and added some FUN FACTS! (I can’t help myself).

Yep.  I’m quite sure they’ll do this instead of Minecraft.

Quite sure

In the meantime, print this out and let me know how many states your kids were able to find!!


License Plate Bingo

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