Countdown to Camp #1 – ONE MORE DAY!

I hate Sunflower Seeds.


There is very little my grandchildren can do that I would not think was cute, adorable or otherwise prove that they are the most intelligent, curious, wonderful, sweet, darling children in the world (of course, I feel the same way about YOUR Grand-children.  Honest, I do).

Very little.

I’ve changed diapers, bedding and onesies.  I’ve wiped hands, mouths and other body parts.  I’ve cleaned, blotted and plucked all manner of things off my shirt that emanated from their darling little mouths.

But after a baseball game filled with mounds of mashed up seed balls


drippy chins with random seed shells sticking to them


and bulging cheeks filled with  sunflower seed detritus, I realize that …


… I hate Sunflower Seeds.

I cringe when they are mentioned, I purposely avoid them in stores.  I have forbidden them in my presence.    The darling little faces of my dearly loved grandchildren look up at me with longing, and I deny them … stridently … (almost gleefully) because …


… I hate Sunflower Seeds!

I know they are a necessary part of every sport that these precious little chubby cheeked angels play in.  I recognize that “everyone else” eats them.  I’m quite sure “every other Grandma” lets her grandchildren eat them.  I listen to their pleas, but I do not succumb to these entreaties because …


… I hate Sunflower Seeds.

… and yet ….

Camp for R.J., Ben and Charlie will include a baseball game (or two) every single night.  Ben and Charlie play league ball, and they have a commitment to play during Camp.


How can I possibly refuse Sunflower Seeds for league baseball?  If I give in, how can I ever restrict them from my home?

I’ll be forever pulling spent seeds from the bottom of my foot, scraping sunflower scat from my deck, cringing when I hear the wrinkle of a cellophane bag full of Sunflower Seeds being opened.



Official Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy Sunflower Seeds!!

One time use

Never to be allowed after Camp!!

I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’m hopeful, because …


… I hate Sunflower Seeds.


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