Camp Grandmama and Grampy Campy – Camp #1 – Day #1

Day one of Camp was un-themed.

Because we were in transition mode no theme came to mind.

I was a gal in search of a theme

We started the day with the boys reading excerpts from ” Manners Can Be Fun ” (an iconic book of manners published in 1936). Naturally I thought I could call our first day at Camp Manners Day.  Although the boys learned all about Nosey, Whiney, Touchey, Mefirst, Smash, Rip and Ruin they were apparently less than interested in an entire day of manners.


I’m not entirely sure if it had anything to do with their manners lessons but suddenly Charlie had a small tummy issue (presumably from the pancakes).  They blamed it on the book.

Manners Day was out.




We considered Robot Day as were going on our traditional trek to Robot World.


Alas, except for a random quilt square from 50+ years ago it seems the “Exploratorium” is no longer called Robot World.


In any case they only have two robots in the whole place.

Robot Day was out.




Gee, I wonder why the other kids didn’t want to leave … ?

There was a brief discussion of Don’t Let the Door Hit You When You Leave Day as there were some random parents and siblings still at the house.  Our manners book suggested that it might be rude to actually say that out loud.

Don’t Let the Door Hit You When You Leave Day was out.




As we packed the cars (thank you Cindy for helping us schlep) with plastic bins (8 of them), sleeping bags and blow up mattresses (3 of them), golf clubs (3 sets), coolers (2 of them), printer, scanner, rolled up papers (150 of them) and the Grandma Cart, I thought perhaps You’ll Thank Me For This Some Day but I could not get a quorum.  We narrowly missed calling it Blivet Day but I countered with Don’t Judge Me Day.

You’ll Thank Me For This Some Day, Blivet Day and Don’t Judge Me Day were out.




After several suggestions and as many rejections, the boys finally came up with Grandmama and Grampy Fibbed and Said We Were Going to an Awful Hotel and Actually We Have a Pool, Golf Course, Firepit and Place To Store Our Hats in A Very Cool Hotel Day.


It’s a bit lengthy, but they all agreed.



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  1. Amy | July 10, 2013 at 12:55 pm | Reply

    Whew! Glad that got settled. Isn’t consensus fun?

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